Sunday, 29 November 2009

Welcome to the Desert Breeze Scavenger Hunt 2009!

I just want to welcome everyone to the Desert Breeze Scavenger Hunt. The goal is to go from one Desert Breeze author's blog to another. Each blog will have a question about that author or one of their books. You answer the question and collect the answer. (Don't publish it on the blogs or at Connections.) At the end of the hunt, you'll be asked for your answers. Along the way there will be great giveaways.

What do you have to do?

#1 - Sign up to be a member of This is were authors and readers of Desert Breeze Press meet and mingle. Connections will also have the same information about the Scavenger Hunt.

#2. - Start here. (smile!)

Here's your first question:

What are the names of both heroes in Sandra Sookoo's Desert Breeze novels?

To find the answer visit Sandra's blog at:

Tomorrow on 30 NOV, Sandra will post a new question for you. Happy Hunting!



  1. Hi, how do I sign up for the Yahoo group? I didn't see a link or anything. Sorry about the trouble:( Thanks!

  2. Charity, go to:

    then in the "Search for Groups" box type in:

    Desert Breeze Connections

    It will take you to the Desert Breeze Connections Group.

    Hope that helps,

  3. I signed up for yahoo. groups membership. Are we suppose to post a comment at each author's blog that has a question?

  4. Abi, you don't have to, just collect your answers for the chat on the 18th/19th.

  5. Hi,

    You might want to correct the yahoo group sign up info to read: Desert_Breeze_Publishing_Connections. It would be easier to find.

    Anyway, I finally found it and joined, now I have a question about answer submission. I see reference to a chat on 12/18-19 when details about submitting answers will be made available. I'm going to be out of town & away from a computer that weekend, returning on 12-22. How much time will be available before answer submission cutoff? I would like to participate in this hunt but if I miss the submission time frame, then there is no sense to even starting something I can't finish. Can you give more specifics please?

  6. Thank you, Karen H. I can't believe I missed that. I went ahead and updated the link. Steph