Friday, 21 August 2009

Stranger In Harpoon Bay by Bruce Cooke - Available Now

When a man is washed up on a rocky outcrop, he awakes without his memory in the Harpoon Bay hospital, a small town in economic trouble.

He is named Rocky Smith and as he tries to build a new life with no memory of his past, he finds love and friendship. Realizing he has a strong business sense, he turns the town around and becomes a hero. Just as he finds a new love in Penny Reynolds he learns he is really Terry Phillips, a man wanted by the police as a suspected bank robber and murderer. Worse there is a crime king who wants him dead after he gets back the one million dollars stolen in the robbery.

Rocky and Penny leave for the Gold Coast to find the truth and try to clear his mind but there is more trouble than he ever dreamed on waiting for him.

Purchase NOW at Desert Breeze Publishing

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