Friday, 21 August 2009


Desert Breeze Publishing BOOK CLUB!

We are proud to introduce the newest way to enjoy all your favorite authors and genres!


Every book you buy brings you closer to a free read!

Guidelines of the Club -- It's so easy!

First, make sure you are a registered customer at the Desert Breeze Publishing website.

Sign up for the Club by emailing

· Please provide your name and your customer number.

· If you're already a registered customer, no need to register again.

Purchase a total of 10 books.

Within 30 days of your 10th purchase, you will receive a personalized promotion code for your 11th book. There is no time limit on the promotional code.

Membership in the BOOK CLUB is absolutely FREE. No sign up fee, no registration fee.

There is no time limit in which you need to purchase your ten books. And after you make your 10 purchases -- and receive your 11th free book -- you can start all over again!

Already a purchasing customer at Desert Breeze Publishing? Sign up for the BOOK CLUB between now and December 1, 2009 and all your past purchases will be credited toward your 10 books! You could already be well on your way to a free book.

Want to know how many books you've purchased? Email, and we'll give you a status.


Only purchases made at the Desert Breeze Publishing website are eligible for inclusion in the BOOK CLUB. Purchases through Third Party vendors are not eligible.

Any refunds that may need to be processed will reduce your total purchases.

Books won through author or publisher promotional contests are not eligible for inclusion in the BOOK CLUB.

'Free' purchases, either via gift certificates or prizes etc, are not eligible for inclusion in the BOOK CLUB.

Your 11th free book does not count toward your next 10 books.

Only customers that have registered at Desert Breeze Publishing, and have requested to be signed up for the BOOK CLUB will have their purchases counted toward a free book. Retroactive purchases will only be counted for those customers who sign up with the club prior to December 1, 2009.

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