Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Author Spotlight - Meet "Win Johnston" from "Win's War"

My name is Win Johnston. They call me a hero, but some of the guys and women I fought with in Afghanistan didn't come back. They're the real heroes. Then there are the people like Snipe who lost the ability to do the job he was best at or Nat Rodriguez who had her own fight even before Afghanistan. The hardest fight of my life was the one to get back on my feet and do something useful.

I love living in Southern California, too. I can still surf and take walks with Emily.

I'm the strong silent type, so I don't much like talking about myself. Still, I'm learning that talking can help things like PTSD and it really helps in a relationship. It's amazing how much Emily likes it when I tell her I love her. Talking helps in my new job, too. You'll hear more about that if you read the Christmas story. You'll also hear more about my grandfather and the woman who's teaching him to talk. I've heard more about his feelings since he met Jean than I have in years. She's a great lady and you'll want to meet her.

Author's Note: Win thinks it's hard being the strong silent type? He should have to write one.

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  1. I'm sure you'll drag Win's story from him whether he wants you to or not! Great sounding story. My husband is a retired US Navy veteran and I served in the Royal Navy many years ago so we have a deep appreciation for the military.

  2. What did you do for the Royal Navy?