Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Author Spotlight - Petie McCarty talks about her favorite movies

All of us have one all-time favorite movie, one that we have watched over and over, and no matter how many times we've seen it… if the remote finds it, we screech to a halt.

Mine is Pretty Woman. I've probably seen it 50 times, but if it's on tonight, I'll stop and watch it again. I love anything resembling a Cinderella tale [maybe because of where I work ☺] and I even have a line of novels planned to write -- not a series mind you, just a similar set of tales each with its own personal Cinderella and the first one is finished, Bloom & Grow. But that's for another blogspot.

But I digress…

Now Pretty Woman may be my favorite movie, but my favorite movie actor of all time is still John Wayne. Go figure… Not a stretch though since he's the consummate alpha male, like Skye Landers in Everglades.

My favorite course in college turned out to be an elective course. We had to pick one course from the Art and Theater curriculum, so I chose John Ford and his Movies. I thought, "How boring could it be?"

Class was on Monday night from 7 to 10, and at the very first session, the professor informed us we would be watching one John Ford movie each week and then we would critique it for plot or theme or whatever. Things were definitely looking up. I learned with great joy that John Ford's favorite actor to direct was John Wayne. Heaven was watching a John Wayne movie every Monday night and getting college credit for it!

Oops, I digressed yet again…

Now, I have a lot of favorite movies that I have watched over and over, and I've just given you two big hints as to who might be on that list of 12 or 15. So, I have a deal for you. If you will post a comment to this blogspot with your favorite movie, I will give away a free copy of Everglades to the first person who lists a favorite movie that is on my all time favorite list. No fair to put Pretty Woman, but any other movie will count, and though John Wayne is my favorite actor, not all his movies are on my list. I'll let you know who won at the end of my blog week. Thanks for joining me here.

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  1. I'm not much of a movie watcher, myself. I don't have the attention span anymore. BUT, every year I like to watch "White Christmas." So that's something. :)

  2. I'm with you on 'Pretty Woman' there aren't many movies I'll watch multiple times but that tops the list. After that I'll go for 'Chocolat' - the combination of the divine Johnny Depp and chocolate does it for me.

  3. "Pretty Woman" is one of my 'must stop' movies, too. The first time I saw it was in the theaters when I was in high school, so I guess there's a bit of nostalgia attached.

    I also will watch "He's Just Not That Into You" as a more recent addition to the list. Yeah, the title sounds less-than-romantic, but that movie has some amazing lines and moments.

    I like "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

    Going back to my youth, I love "Some Kind of Wonderful" because I love friends-to-lovers stories.

    Oh! And "The Princess Bride" is a must!

  4. Ghost, of course. (Rolling in the pottery wheel.) All versions of Pride/Prej.
    Janis Lane
    Sandpiper Affair
    Gone to the Dogs

  5. I love "Pretty Woman" and any movie staring Sandra Bullock. I'm reading your new release and loving it. I feel like I'm taking an airboat ride through the Florida Everglades. I've never been on an airboat ride, but I have always wanted to try it. Reading your book only makes me want to more. I love the rich details that make you feel like you're actually there. Really enjoying your book. I'm a Florida writer, too, so I love any novel set in Florida. I'm a Florida transplant. Love Southern novels. Blessings for success with this one, BJ Robinson

  6. How about the Quiet Man, Petie? Is that one of your favorites ... cause John Wayne is pretty alpha male (when isn't he?) in that one.
    That's my guess. :-)