Thursday, 22 October 2009

Featured October Release - Revolution - The Phoenix Rebellion Book I

Author: Gail R. Delaney

Category and Length: Futuristic - Plus Novel

Rating: Intense


Photography/Artwork: Jenifer Ranieri

Release Date: October 2009


Some say the Areth are our salvation, others say they are our doom.

Retired Colonel Nick Tanner doesn't care.

Not until Caitlin Montgomery, the woman he was never able to forget, finds him in his solitude and changes everything.

His son -- the child he was told died 25 years before -- is alive and needs him. Nick will do whatever it takes to bring Michael home. He'll lay down his life, if that's the cost to reveal the truth and stop the Areth.

Now, he cares. And if he ever finds the Areth that stole his son from him, she'll pay.



The doctor stopped and spoke, and the focus of their attention shifted. For one brief moment, he looked straight at the camera.


Nick tapped the screen.

"What the hell?"

His words mirrored CJ's own reaction the first time she saw the young man's face. It was like seeing Nick Tanner twenty years before. The same eyes, the same angled features, the same lips.

"Who is this?" he demanded, only briefly looking at her before focusing again on the screen.

CJ cleared her throat to try and push through the thick emotions that threatened to choke her.

"His name is Michael Tanner. Your son."



Gail R. Delaney has been actively writing 'for publication' since 1996. The first novel she ever
wrote is still sitting on her computer, waiting for the major rewrite that will make it acceptable. She says she has learned a great deal since writing that book, and it shows when she looks back at that rough draft.

Gail has had eight novels published in the genres of contemporary romance, romantic suspense and futuristic romance. Her novels have received several nominations and awards since she was first published in 2005.

Gail and her family recently moved from the cold and blustry east coast to Southern California, and is loving every moment of sunshine she can soak in.

Books by Gail R. Delaney at Desert Breeze Publishing:

Watch Over Me - May 2009
Lightning Strikes Twice - June 2009
Tender Hearts - December 2009
Something Better - March 2010
Precious Things - July 2010



Futuristic Science Fiction at its best, The Phoenix Rebellion Book I: [Revolution] leaves the reader on the edge of their seat waiting impatiently for more
ECataRomance Rating; 5 Stars

Lovers of the science fiction romance genre rejoice! There is a new voice on the scene and [Revolution] by Ms. Delaney as to be the best in this genre that this reviewer has ever had the pleasure of reading! Shaiha - Suite Magazine



  1. Revolution is the start of an extremely entertaining and exciting series and not to be missed. I highly recommend reading this novel especially Sci Fi lovers.

  2. Abi, Thanks for signing in. Gail's love of Sci Fi really shines through in this story.