Monday, 19 October 2009

October 2009 Featured Release - Three Hearts

Author: Sue Perkins

Category and Length: Contemporary - Novel

Rating: Sweet

ISBN: 978-1-936000-44-9

Photography/Artwork: Jenifer Ranieri

Release Date: October 2009

Travis Denton's arrival in New Zealand throws Darcy Farrell's life into turmoil. She's never met the man, so why does he dislike her so much? Travis states he is the father of her eight year old niece Brooke. He initially tries to prove Darcy is an unsuitable guardian. His failure makes him more determined to get custody of the child and take her to America. Darcy is worried Travis might disappear overseas with the child. She makes a difficult decision. She must do what's best for Brooke. Her choice brings her into close contact with Travis, which creates a problem when she becomes attracted to him!


Travis Denton leaned casually against the brick wall, his stare fixed on a villa on the other side of the street. The door of the house opened and a woman and child emerged. The golden-haired youngster skipped happily beside her companion and Travis smiled as the girl's chatter drifted across the road.

He switched his glance to the woman and his eyes clouded with confusion. The way she was dressed was startling. Legs clad in fishnet tights disappeared under a miniscule black miniskirt, which rose even higher as she strutted down the street. She turned to speak to the child, and he saw her lips were thick with bright red lipstick, which mirrored the colour of her spiky fingernails as they patted her piled-up dark hair. A laughing response to a comment from the child shook the cheap plastic earrings dangling from each ear, and they knocked against the turned up collar of her black leather jacket. A skimpy yellow rib top showed beneath the jacket and Travis noticed it stopped just below the breasts to expose a bare stretch of suntanned stomach.

Travis frowned. He had travelled to New Zealand from California to meet eight year old Brooke and her aunt, Darcy Farrell, but the sight of the woman in her flashy clothes and overdone make-up worried him.

His temper rose when a car pulled up and the woman bent down to speak to the driver, her breasts swaying enticingly. She straightened up, took a step backwards and stuck her leg forward then, with one hand on her hip, she lifted her skirt suggestively. The action disgusted Travis and left him with no doubt about her profession. How dare she ply her trade when she has the child with her! Grey eyes darkened with fury when both Darcy and Brooke got into the car.

He cursed under his breath. If what he'd just witnessed indicated the morals of Darcy Farrell, his reason for being here had become even more urgent. Travis wished he could follow them, but he'd been concerned about not being seen and had parked his car on the next street. Jaw muscles clenched. Now he knew he must win the battle ahead.

Still frowning, Travis walked back to his vehicle and returned to the hotel.



Born in Devon, England, Sue traveled the world with her husband, including two years living in the Middle East with her young family. A few years later the family moved to New Zealand. Sue, her husband and dog have settled on a three acre block at the top of the New Zealand's South Island. Their two children are now the globetrotters.

She loves reading, writing and most craft hobbies. Researching family history is another past time which holds Sue's interest. She works as a graphic artist for a local trade paper.


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