Friday, 30 October 2009

How do you read an Ebook?

I thought I'd throw this out there for discussion - How do you read an Ebook?
There are all kinds of ereaders. The 3 I've heard about are the Amazon Kindle (which has dropped it's price to $259) the Sony Ebook reader comes in at $199.00 and Barnes & Noble should have their Nook availiable shortly. I believe it's selling at $199 (I could be wrong) and they are taking pre orders for it.
There are also other ebook readers - one I know is the Astech (sp?). The other day I did a top ten search of ebook readers and prices ranged from Amazon's 259 up to 800 plus. That's a lot of money.
Me? I read a book on my Iphone Kindle app the other week and I liked it. Why? I liked the convience of buying the book at the touch of the finger. I liked the convience of having the book available at any time since my Iphone goes everywhere with me. The font was easy on the eyes and I didn't have to squint.
Am I going to read my ebooks on my Kindle App for the Iphone? I haven't decided, but I know this, I don't mind that option at all.
What's the deciding factor? The features? I find the ebook readers all have similiar features give or take some. The new Kindle has a long battery life. But then I thought the other battery times were comparable. Is it the back light option? The font?
For me, I think the deciding factor would be availiabity. After all, Amazon has been in the business longer and has a lot of it's book avail for purchase through it's Kindle dept. Barnes & Noble's Nook will be tapping into their inventory and Sony goes through Google Books, I believe.
B&N were in the ebook busn from 2000-2003 until it got out. Wasn't luctritive enough, I believe. Amazon's Kindle has not only made ebooks viable, but has invigorated the industory. Through Kindle, ebooks are growing into a money making industry. Can Barnes & Noble catch up? The Nook is also going to hold MP3 files. Will that be enough to entice you?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on ebooks since Desert Breeze has it's inventory in ebooks. Drop me a line and share your thoughts.


  1. I read ebooks on my Blackberry. For those who'd like to know how...go to and download MobiPocket reader. It's free. You can then download ebooks straight to your Blackberry or install the Mobisoftware on your pc and download ebooks to the pc and then tether the Blackberry to the pc and move the book from pc to Blackberry. I usually do it this way because if something were to happen to my Blackberry (lost, stolen, ran over with car, etc), I still have a copy of the book.

  2. I read a lot of ebooks and unfortunately, I don't have an ebook reader. My husband and kids want to get me one for my b-day (they don't realize I know their plan - LOL) but I have no clue which one is best for them to purchase. Right now, I read ebooks on my laptop which I absolutely hate so many times I print the ebooks on the backs of rough drafts to save paper.

  3. Kim, I read one on my Kindle app for the Iphone and I didn't mind at all. Like you, Diane, I don't care to read my ebooks on my laptop so finding an ebook reader or using my Kindle app are options for me. I hope this post help to discuss options for everyone.


  4. Here's some other comments from the "Connections" list: From Barry Bryan, DB Author:

    "I read my e-books on an E-Book Rocket Reader. I like it because it's easy to carry around, It has a back light and it doesn't require much maintenance - at least it hasn't so far. "


    From Sue Perkins, DB Author in New Zealand:

    We can't get Kindles in New Zealand and so far as I know
    the Barnes & Noble one isn't here either. Even though Amazon has gone
    international it's still not available here and apparently it costs a lot
    more for international downloads than it does for those in the US. I use
    either my Palm PDA or my Asus Eee netbook. Usually the latter because if I
    have that with me and don't want to read I can always get on with my own
    WIP. It's about the same screen area as a Kindle, although a lot thicker and
    weighs about 1 kilo (roughly 2 pounds). I don't think I'd ever be interested
    in a Kindle, but I think the Barnes & Noble one looks quite good.

  5. I read mine on my Kindle. I loooooove my Kindle. The B&N Nook looks interesting though too. Sony has several variety of ereaders out.

    One of my friends recently bought a netbook (only 2 lbs) and it has an ebook feature. I imagine it probably adjusts the background to make it easier on the eyes.

    It seems that every major tech company is jumping to get into the ebook biz, so that makes me happy.

    I posted on fb a whole host of reasons why ebooks/ereaders are good for the publishing industry, but it was kinda lengthy, so I'll save it for another time. Maybe when I guest blog, Steph.

  6. I read from an old Franklin Rocket eBook Reader. I don't think Rocket Readers are available anymore. I bought mine in 1999 and it still performs beautifully. All I have ever had to do to it is put it in its cradle to recharge.

    It only holds ten books and I'm sure it lacks many other features newer readers have but it does have a back light and its easy to carry with me when I go out.