Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Author Spotlight Week - Gail Delaney shares her passion for Futuristic/Speculative Fiction

Writing science fiction is the ultimate test for your imagination. As writers, it is our natural instinct to 'create'. Whether it's create characters, create fascinating settings or plots, or in the case of science fiction and speculative writing, often creating worlds.

I write futuristic or speculative fiction, which is slightly different from 'hi sci fi'. The best way to differentiate is to compare to well known science fiction programs or movies. 'Hi Sci Fi' would be Star Trek or Farscape, though Farscape is also a Space Opera. (That's a discussion for another day.) It's 'out there' in space. Mankind travels in ships capable of inter-galactic travel. We visit, live on, and sometimes conquer planets in solar systems light years from Earth. Sitting in a bar with an alien who has four eyes and eight tentacles is normal and everyday.

Speculative fiction would be like Stargate: SG-1. It's science fiction that asks the 'What if...' question. What if the pyramids were actually built by aliens? And what if they left on Earth a means to instantly transport ourselves to other planets all across the galaxy? What if a very hot, very handsome, but slightly older commanding officer fell in love with his beautiful and brilliant second in command?

Sorry... got off track there. That's the 'romance' element sneaking through on me.

Futuristic fiction takes us forward in the evolution of mankind, and is often rooted heavily on Earth, and it asks its own kind of 'What if...' questions. It's a really future futuristic, but Firefly would be a great example. The question is what would the future be line if Earth colonized the galaxy, and what if the two most powerful nations ended up being the United States and Japan? What kind of influence would that have on who we become?

I write science fiction because I love asking 'what if...' questions. In the case of The Phoenix Rebellion, the question is "What if aliens have always been here? And what if they now want the planet for their own?".

You'll just have to read to find out. ☺

Books in Gail's Phoenix Rebellion Series:

Book 1 - Revolution
Book 2 - Outcasts
Book 3 - Gaining Ground
Book 4 - End Game


  1. I can't wait to read these. That's how I intend to celebrate after I meet my deadlines

  2. Wow, I don't think I'll be able to put these down once I start! How fantastic! Where do you get your inspiration, Gail?
    Thank you,

  3. I never knew the distinctions between different kinds of science fiction genres. Very interesting, although, it's a little confusing.Before I discovered romance books in about 1995, I read one science fiction novel after the other (I read novels in groups)--but I don't remember any of them. If the New Book shelves in our large public library is any indication, our town has a big populations of science fiction lovers.
    I read the post below, too. Loved it! Very creative. Celia

  4. Hey Gail, great post. I learned alot today. I don't read a lot of sci-fi but your post has me hooked now. I ask what Gina asks...what inspires you and where do you get your ideas? Creating a new world sounds so amazing.