Thursday, 22 July 2010

Author Spotlight week - Gail Delaney shares her favorite author

Author Catherine Anderson

My taste in writing has changed a great deal over the years. My first 'taste' of romance came in the form of a YA novel from Madeleine L'Engle, And Both Were Young. In my teens, my cousin would scoff her mother's bodice rippers -- because that's exactly what they were in the 1980's LOL -- and read scenes to me. I submersed myself in David Eddings and Terry Brooks in high school.

As an adult, the first romance novels I remember reading were from Sandra Brown. Her earlier work really hooked me. I also enjoyed Kathleen Eagle, especially while I worked on my first manuscript ( which has yet to be edited sufficiently for publication). In the last few years, I've enjoyed Linnea Sinclair, Susan Grant, Shannon Butcher... I'm trying to think of authors outside of DBP, because it should be an assumed fact that I enjoy all of DBP. LOL

But as an overall, long term favorite author... I have to go with Catherine Anderson. Whether it's one of her contemporary romances, or one of her historical romances, I love her work because she always manages to really tap into the human experience. The emotion of life -- not just falling in love. She always makes me feel when I read her work.

My favorite title of hers -- ever -- is Forever After. I've read this book several times, and it's on my keeper shelf... something I can't say about many books. I might hang on to books for awhile, but ultimately, they usually end up getting donated or given away. But not this book, this one I have packed away. In fact, I'm considering getting a copy to keep on my Nook -- for those times I need a familiar friend.


  1. Hi Gail,
    I read Sandra Brown and also was hooked on her earlier romances. I still read her books now, but I haven't read Catherine Anderson. I definitely will after learning how much enjoyment her books have given you.

    Have a good weekend, Steph and Gail!

  2. I hate to say I never heard of Catherine Anderson, but I haven't *blush* I'll definately check her out.

    Moderator Steph