Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Featured July Release - Come, Love Me Again by Romona Hilliger


It's twelve years since Hunter Kincaid has seen Becky Carson. But he has never forgotten the girl who betrayed him.

The ruggedly-handsome Australian cattle king is in no mood for niceties and forgiveness is the last thing on his mind.

For twelve years Becky Carson has been haunted by guilt and bitter remorse and now, at last, the sale of her legacy, a vast cattle property in Australia, to Hunter Kincaid, she considers an omen to return from America to seek his forgiveness. To tell him the truth – why she’d been forced to betray him.
B Driven by her need to be forgiven, they play out their painful past, a past that only love will help them survive and come to love each other again.

But has she got so close only to fail?


"A tribute to the late John Denver, one of the greatest," another announcement came from the stage as a lone musician got ready to sing during the intermission. Becky stopped to listen to what the young man said. His voice rose in awe of the singer.

"John is dead, but his songs never will be," he added, while he plucked a few stirring chords on his guitar. In a placid voice, he began. "You fill up my senses..."

Goosebumps broke out on Becky's skin and her eyes misted at the memory of each sweet line. From across the lawn Hunter's eyes held hers captive and, for a few breathless moments, they locked, then his gaze snapped away.

"John Denver," Becky whispered, willing him to look at her again. Didn't he remember? Of course, he would. The moment came rolling back. They'd been at Mandaljara listening to John Denver.

Annie's song, he'd said, drawing her head back to rest on his arm. Now it's Becky's song. He'd lowered his head, whispering the words of a line. "Come, let me love you..."


From a school teacher to a payroll manager for one of Australia's largest retail companies. A challenging career-path change until, came along yet, another--Writing.

So, what triggered that?

My husband and I lived in the Northern Territory of Australia where we criss-crossed the outback, both with his work and on holidays. We discovered the magnificence of wind-crafted outcrops of granite and sandstone, vast ochre plains stretching to eternity, the Kimberley, Tasmanian wilderness regions and the bush teeming with wildlife unique to Australia. Our interest escalated and we extended our trips into gold and gemstone-fossicking adventures and tracing the tracks of explorers. The notes I kept translated into a series of travel articles for a magazine and then, I realised what better backdrop than this sun-drenched wilderness for conjuring up stories of unique blend--love up against impossible odds. I undertook studies in creative writing, specialising in Romance, and set to work.

Writing fulfils my most cherished dream, to breathe life, love and emotion into the people who step into my imagination.

Desert Breeze Congratulates Romona on her latest release

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