Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Author Spotlight Week - Daniellle Thorne shares her passion for Historicals

I love a good adventure, no matter where or when it happens. Historicals are one way I like to escape because they take me away. Three hundred, two hundred, even one hundred years ago, the world was a different place. As much as we have in common with our ancestors, the changes we have seen in science, medicine, the Arts and entertainment, and especially society, give each century a culture all its own, creating places I love to visit and experience.

I'm often asked what draws me to write about the Age of Sail and piracy eras. I wasn't born in a coastal town, and I'm not related to any great Naval heroes. The only explanation I have is I feel a kinship with the sea and distant horizon. I feel it in my blood, perhaps from my Rhode Island ancestors that sailed on merchant sloops up and down the coast. The Golden Age of piracy and the history of the West Indies intrigue me because of the exotic freedom it offered from cold parlor rooms. I can relate to wanting to escape the repetitious routines of every day life and strike out to see the world. Although the brutal history in this era is disturbing in many ways, I focus on the excitement that was to be found. I try to incorporate truths, even if they are painful. In essence, I love the marvelous changes of history, but I do not write about it with rose-colored glasses. Our ancestors from long ago experienced the beauty in this world the same way that we do – they felt the same happiness, fear, excitement, disappointment…Historicals are not just a way to experience the past, the genre offers a way to connect and learn about who and what came before us.


  1. So glad that you share your talent for writing historicals because I enjoy READING them! ;-)

  2. I enjoyed reading about your growing up years, Danielle. I think you're proof that watching TV won't stifle creativity. Linda

  3. Thanks, Dawn. You're the best neighbor in the world. THx for the kind words, Linda. :)