Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Author Spotlight Week - Susanne Marie Knight shares her favorite movie

I’m going to cheat--I’ll mention two movies. A criterion for a favorite movie is that it must be one I can watch over and over again... and still enjoy. “Beetlejuice” with Michael Keaton, fits in this category. It’s such an original tale and has so many interesting parts to it. I never tire of seeing the civil service in the underworld or the Handbook for the Recently Deceased--or Diseased! And the dialogue... priceless! At my house, we often quote the characters. “We come for your daughter, Chuck” and “My life is one... big... dark... room” are only two of the numerous funny sayings.

My other favorite is “The Witches” with Angelica Houston. Oh, that movie is rich with humorous lines. Angelica gives a tour de force performance as the Grand High Witch in all the world. Her goal is to change every child into a mouse, starting in England with our hero Luke, and his friend Bruno. If you haven’t seen “The Witches”, I highly recommend it. The story starts out a little slow and is sad at first, with the death of Luke’s parents, but keep watching and you’ll see a fantastic tale unfolding. Missing children living out their lives in paintings, why witches always scratch their heads, and “perfume” that if applied to the skin, grows fur are only some of the topics covered. Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) also gives an inspired performance as the much put upon manager of the resort.


  1. Wow! You found a poster for Beetlejuice, Steph! Thanks so much, it looks great!

  2. You're welcome, Susanne. I think I was in the Army overseas when the movie came out, so I missed it, but it looks like it has that Tim Burton fun woven in!


  3. Whoa! This IS a coincidence! I was overseas, too, (Air Force) when Beetlejuice was released. This and Mars Attacks are my fav Burton flicks. :))