Friday, 4 February 2011

Author Spotlight week -Excerpt from The Count's Lair

Anton stood next to the tree, picking out the perfect spot to begin cutting. After sizing it up, he swung his axe and sank it halfway into the trunk. With one more swing, the tree fell over.

Amelia spun around. "That was quick. I just picked out my tree."

With a laugh, Anton walked over to her and used the axe to carve a small line at the base of the tree. "Well, I've chopped trees all my life."

"You have?"

"My father thought it would build character."

She rubbed her gloved hands together. Anton thought she might be catching a chill.

"Did you like chopping trees?" she asked.

"I found it to be boring, tedious work. I didn't understand why he sent me to do it when we had servants. In hindsight, however, I do think I benefited from it, but not in the way I think he wanted me to."

"I don't understand. Why didn't he have the servants chop the wood?"

Anton took a breath, steadied himself, and looked directly at her. "Perhaps he wanted me to feel more like a servant than a noble man's son."

Her face fell. "If that was his reason, it was cruel."

He did want to be honest with her about his father, but he didn't want to weigh down the fun they were having with such a heavy anchor. Instead, he stepped into her personal space. Her cheeks were raw from the cold. He cupped them and pressed the length of his body against hers. Again, her aura sparkled to life. Her soft curves fit snugly against his muscled physique. "I don't want to talk about him right now. He's depressing. You're cold."

"I am a little cold," she replied.
"Does this warm you up?"

"Yes," she replied. Her eyes trapped his, and he found himself drowning in those simmering pools of azure blue.

He lowered his head and took her lips with his. The glow of their auras blinded him. She closed her eyes. His heart beat wildly in his chest. She pressed against him, sending his senses into a pool of delight. He trailed his lips over her jaw line to her neck. She moaned as he stoked the embers smoldering deep inside them.

She placed her hands on his chest and gently disengaged from him. "That was some kiss."

"I just wanted to keep you warm until we got back to the auto."

"That will do."

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