Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Author Spotlight Week - Michelle Levigne shares her passion for Inspirationals/Contemporaries

Hmmmm, more along the lines of I had these people and places in my head and they wouldn't shut up until I wrote them down! Then I kind of got hooked on them, and of course, when you create a place that starts to feel real, you meet other people inhabiting this place and they have friends, and you start putting together more stories, imagining other things happening in other lives. Kind of a geometric progression. Or maybe it's more along the lines of a batch of sourdough that just keeps growing, and growing, and growing, and ....

I like the chance to work out questions and issues, and have my characters do some things that I would like to try, or never got to do -- like Dani being in a real, functioning CCM band. The closest I ever got to having a singing group was a youth ensemble in high school at church, school choir, and the traveling choir with CBNU.

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