Thursday, 3 February 2011

Author Spotlight Week - Stephanie Burkhart shares her favorite authors

Author JK Rowling

I would be remise if I didn't give a shout out to those authors who I have enjoyed including: Anne Rice, Judith McNaught, VC Andrews, Victoria Holt and Rebecca Brandewyne. Each of these authors have resonated with me. Rice, for her horror, VC Andrews for her gothic influence (I'm talking the original VC Andrews and Flowers in the Attic) Holt for her gothic romance, McNaught and Brandewyne for their romantic historicals.

I adore Jillian Hunter. Her Boscastle series is pitch perfect historical romance. Her novels are sharp, witty, and the plot is smooth, never dragging.

My favorite author is JK Rowling. The story is compelling. Harry is a young boy who is challenged to grow into a heroic young man. There's witches and wolves, magic and friendship, love and heartbreak. Rowling brings a rich humanity to her paranormal characters. That's what I want to do as well.


  1. I'll have to try Jillian Hunter. haven't read hers but am intrigued by what you wrote.

  2. Love Anne Rice, though she can be too much sometimes...not always in a bad way, I just have to make sure my mood is right for her work. I like the original VA Andrews too. I'll check out Victoria Holt...can't remember if I've read her before or not.

  3. Used to read V. Holt. She sure could tell a story. Nowdays, probably TOO much telling, but what a teller!

  4. Jillian,
    I love Hunter's Boscastle series, my favorite being "The Wicked Games of a Gentleman." Drake was so bad...but so in love.

    Amber, I agree - her earlier work is probably the best. Victoria Holt, for me, is like the queen of Gothic romance, and very prolific, too.

    Linda, yes, probably too much telling with her nowadays, but growing up, I just ate up everything she wrote.


  5. Steph--I liked all those except Anne Rice--. I am just so chicken-hearted and have never warmed to that genre. But we could all learn lessons from the writing--topnotch.
    Judith McNaught has always been a favorite, one that I search for, hoping to find a title I haven't read.
    I wrote down Jillian Hunter. I don't know about her books. Thanks for the list, and a big hug and congraulations on your newest release! Celia