Friday, 19 August 2011

Author Spotlight - Excerpt from Baer Truth

Baer Truth – Book One Three Baers Trilogy
To kick off Linda's new book release week, one lucky commenter will be randomly selected to receive a fun gift bag and a free copy of Baer Truth.

Excerpt – Baer Truth

Abby Takes a Job at Hidden Rock Ranch

He gave her an understanding nod and hopped in the truck with Abby. "Please, call me Mike." He smiled, starting the engine. Making a hard u-turn, the truck slid across the pavement.

Abby fastened her seatbelt and grabbed the handle above the window.

The truck fishtailed across the ice, but Mike didn’t slow down. "I hope you don't plan on going shopping very often." He turned the wipers on. They screeched painfully across the glass. "It's a fair piece to the nearest store. We plan far in advance for shopping trips, so you'll want to keep a list for pantry purchases."

They pulled off the main road onto a gravel road. He made several more turns onto smaller and smaller gravel roads, until they reached a rutted, one-lane dirt road. Suddenly the dirt road gave way to a smooth blacktop drive that wound around snow-covered banks, atop which a red snow fence ran as far as the eye could see.

"I think I'm going to have to drop breadcrumbs to find my way in and out of here." Abby couldn't remember ever having been so far from civilization. "Tell me, do you ever get snowed in back here?" As far as she could see in every direction was nothing, absolutely nothing, except hills, snow fence, trees, snow, and huge mountains.

"Occasionally we've been snowed in for a few days. We've got snowmobiles and we can get out for supplies with them."
A lump formed in her throat that refused to be swallowed.

"We've also got the Cat and the Deere with plows and shovels."

Abby had no clue what he was talking about, but as long as those things could get her out of this desolate wilderness, she liked them.

"Nobody's lived at the cottage for awhile. I had the boys go in, knock down the spider webs, and make sure no snakes or anything was living inside, but they don't always get everything. You aren't afraid of spiders and such, are you?"

The lump on her head began to ache. Mike's expression was kind, but odds were she was about to face those things, afraid or not. "I can't say I care too much for them."

"Well, snakes are hibernating this time of year. But they can move about when you start disturbing them. I'll have the boys leave you a hoe just to be safe." The truck slid across the blacktop road. Mike chuckled. "That was fun."

Abby pushed a hand against the dashboard, her mouth becoming suddenly dry. "A hoe? What do I need a hoe for?"

"For hacking the snakes' heads off, honey." Mike was matter-of-fact.

"Hack its head off?" The ache in her head turned to throbbing and was joined by a rumbling nausea deep in her stomach. "Couldn't I just call you or one of the men to come and--" she shuddered-- "hack the thing?"

"Sure, but we're usually out in the field or up at one of the cattle barns. It could be awhile before one of us could get it for you. By then it could disappear under the floor only to pop back out in the middle of the night and snuggle up with you in bed."

"They're cold-blooded, you know, and they like to find a warm spot to sleep. So it would be best if you just hack them when you see them."

Her head swam. Her vision turned gray and began sliding into black. She had gone from a bad dream to a horrific nightmare. Abby pinched her thigh, wincing at the pain. Awake. She was awake. The nightmare was real.


  1. Your book sounds like an awesome read, Linda. It's on my TBR list. I wish you mega sales and fabulous reviews!

  2. Whoa! My heart started beating quickly. What a nightmare! Can I relate. I hate snakes, spiders, just about anything that crawls.
    Should be a good read. Best wishes for its success.

  3. Great excerpt! BTW, I love the cover too.

    Best wishes~

  4. The cover grabbed my attention (must say I love the heroine's shoes)and the excerpt has me adding this book to my list. - Christina

  5. Thank you everyone for stopping by. Your comments are SO appreciated. I hope everyone loves reading it as much as I loved writing it. @June, this little tidbit was based on an actual experience. I wasn't closed in with any critters, but was told to "just use the hoe." Yeah, right!!

  6. Great excerpt, Linda! I enjoyed reading it. Beautiful cover!

  7. This book sounds like a great read. I too love this cover! Linda is a new author to me and I can't wait to read her books.

  8. Hi all, thanks so much for hanging out with Linda on the blog last week. Congrats to Diane Craver! I pulled your name out of the hall to win Linda's package!

    I'll send Linda an email.

  9. I'm so excited that I won! Thank you so much for pulling my name, Steph! And Linda, I look forward to reading your book and to receiving a gift bag from you! What fun tonight turned out to be! :)