Friday, 26 August 2011

Author Spotlight - Excerpt from Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Enjoy this excerpt from "Say Goodbye to Yesterday" by Shirley Kiger Connelly. Leave a comment on this post and 1 lucky winner will be selected to receive a PDF ARC of Shirley's story. Winner will be announced on Monday, 29 AUG on the loop and here in the post. Smiles, Moderator Steph

Annabelle lifted her head and eyed the creek edge where Geraldine rested in the major's arms. Him again? Coming to the rescue.

She gazed down at her reflection and groaned. A wrinkled face surrounded by long, thick, straggly curls sprawled haphazardly along her shoulders stared back. The last thing Annabelle wanted was to run into the handsome major during another predicament -- this time stranded in the middle of a sloppy creek, soaking wet, bare of foot and ankle, and without some of her undergarments. Yet, there he was, clear as day.

"Ma'am? Were you planning to remain out there forever? Please allow me to come and give you a hand."

She bristled. "I need no assistance. I'm concerned about my daughter. That's all." Her derrière still stung from where she took her tumble. Annabelle would've given anything to have her bustle with her now. It might've protected her from the rocky-bottomed creek or at least given her some needed modesty. Her taffeta sundress still sat bunched, and part of it floated around the top of the water encircling her. What few undergarments she did have on were doing her little good. How am I supposed to rise and get back to my daughter like this with him standing there?

With a clearing of her throat, Annabelle bent her knees to hide her exposed limbs before she dared rise. She continued to stall then looked across again.

Geraldine waved. "He's taking good care of me. When you coming in to put your clothes on?"

The heat rose in Annabelle's cheeks. She reached down for the ribbon ties of her drawers and pulled out the soaked material of her yellow skirts. Once resituated, Annabelle searched for her missing sunbonnet to have something to hold in front of her wet and clinging bodice. When the major stared her way, she slanted her eyes. "Do you mind?"

As if forcing himself to keep a straight face, he nodded. "Not at all. Remember, if you need anything I'm--"

"What I need is for you to look away."

The major lifted a brow. "Of course. Do take note it's a mite slippery out there in one's bare feet." He glanced back along the bank. "By the way, you left your boots up here...and a few other items. I could always bring them out to you."

"No." Annabelle grimaced. She yanked her drenched dress out from its tucks. As water trickled off it, she pulled herself up to her knees and crawled in closer.

"You ain't gonna let my mama drown, are you?" Geraldine asked him.

"I haven't decided," Carlton said with a laugh then tickled Geraldine's chin.


  1. Can't wait to read this book.
    I enjoyed the excerpt.

  2. I always enjoy seeing the hero of a story show a side of humor that reader can see right off, but the heroine has to wait for. Looking foward to reading this one.

  3. Thank you Marci and Caree for writing in. I know you'll enjoy the book!

  4. Shirley,
    Love the sound of your book. Plan to buy it!

    Jude Urbanski

  5. Thanks for dropping a note, Jude. It's a blessing seeing you here. Shirley

  6. Congrats to Carie! I pulled her name out of the hat to receive a PDF ARC of Shirley's story.

    Thanks everyone for supporting Shirley during spotlight week.

    Moderator Steph