Friday, 12 August 2011

Author Spotlight - Excerpt from Blue Lioness


In the face of Human slavery, Back Sword Captain Ariela of Kassouk must do the unthinkable. Rebel against the Mutant regime. But she cannot do it alone.

Ariela suspects the king’s death is no accident. And the tyrant who usurped the throne looks guilty as hell. As leader of the Human rebellion against the Mutant rulers, Ariela is desperate for help, and Lord Starro, the handsome Crown Prince of the Star Children, offers the technology the Human faction lacks. But can Ariela trust a spoiled, arrogant foreign prince who never fought a battle, and thinks he is destined to rule the universe? Is she trading one tyrant for another? No matter how kind, handsome, or fascinating, Starro has frightening mental abilities. And this alliance is not safe, especially for Ariela’s heart.

EXCERPT: different from the one on the publisher's website.

Starro closed his eyes and the golden light caressed the regular planes of his face. "Still no sign of pursuit."

Ariela wrenched her gaze from his athletic body, a hint of shame warming her cheeks. She scrutinized their surroundings. "Assassins use stealth. We must keep our eyes open."

"I don't need my eyes to know there are none close to us." His neutral tone barely covered a subtle impatience.

"What exactly can you do that Humans cannot?" The question had been on Ariela's mind for a while. "If you explain it to me, I won't have to bruise your precious ego at every turn."

"You speak straight as an assassin's arrow." Starro gave a short, nervous laugh. "But it wouldn't be wise to tell our secrets to a foreigner. All foreigners are potential enemies."

Ariela couldn't help the flare of anger in her voice. "I thought we were allies against Lord Kohl and his blasted Mutant freaks!"
He flinched. Did her swearing bother him? Too bad.

His expression turned serious. "We are allies. So, I guess I should tell you." He straightened his long, muscled legs. The loose silk trousers tucked into white boots showed signs of dust, and the trek had scuffed the fine material. "We Star Children do not take these gifts lightly, and keeping them secret insures our advantage when conflicts arise. We pride ourselves in resolving most disputes without bloodshed."

"Blood is shed all the time." Ariela scoffed. "You can't avoid spilling blood, especially in an all out war."

"Yet, our gifts allowed us this luxury... thus far." He sighed. "I fear this is the end of a peaceful era. The specter of war is upon us."
"So what are these mysterious gifts?" The words came out sharper than Ariela intended.

He flashed an uneasy smile then stared at the ground.

Ariela resented his stubborn silence. "What if I give you my word as a warrior never to tell a soul? Will you trust me then?"

"I do trust you, Beloved mine." His warm voice in her mind again. "But even the best of us can be made to talk."

Ariela sighed, finally accepting that he could speak in her mind. "I guess you found that out in Kohl's dungeon."

He lifted his piercing gaze, and his jovial smile returned. "All right. I owe you the truth. We inherited our gifts from a now extinct race called the Estrell."

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Vijaya Schartz
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  1. Thank you so much for this full week of exposure on the Desert Breeze Blog. I enjoyed the comments and the questions. Hope the readers enjoy Blue Lioness and all the other books in the Chronicles of Kassouk series.

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