Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Author Spotlight - The Characters in "Danube in Candlelight"

Our stories are all about characters, but creating characters can be a chore. I've got some ideas that will make creating characters fun and I'll share with you my casting choices for my latest paranormal release, "Danube in Candlelight."

It's all in the faults…and strengths.

What makes a character rich and complex is how "human" they are and how you show their strengths and weaknesses.

None of us are perfect. Don't expect your characters to be. To present 3D characters, they need to strong…and weak. Morgan's strength in "Danube in Candlelight" is her loyalty and her nursing. She's confident in her abilities. Her weaknesses? She makes reckless choices that put her in danger. Haven't we all made poor choices? Morgan's restlessness stems from learning her father's secret – he's a werewolf.

Adam Varga is an all around good guy. His strength? He's loyal, steadfast and confident in who he is. His weakness? He's too trusting and that can get him into trouble.

I like to create characters bios with the basics about my characters – a physical description and 3 likes and 3 dislikes. Then I like to list strengths and weaknesses. Writing a short scene or short story helps me to flesh out the push/pull of a character's emotions.

When it comes to painting a physical description, I like to cast my characters. For me, it brings them to life and gives them a face.

"Morgan Duma"

For Morgan I cast: Abir Timani. She's got that exotic look I'm striving for in the character with rich dark hair and haunting dark eyes.

"Adam Varga"

For Adam, I picked Jacob Young. He's got those blonde hair, blue-eyed looks that embody the character's mother, Amelia. He possess a stiff lip that speaks to the determination that Adam needs and eyes that speak to the passion inside the character's heart.

"Max Foldi"

For Max Foldi, Adam's best friend, I selected James McAvoy. He's got the look that says "best friend," to me. His acting taps into a sense of honesty and genuineness the character embodies.

"Emily Duma"

For Emily Duma, I picked Liv Tyler. Emily is Morgan's half-sister and big sister, and Liv has such a way about her, she brings out Emily's kindness, toughness, and talents, qualities many "oldest" children usually have.

"Zoltan Kristos"

For Zoltan Kristos, I selected Joseph Fiennes. He's got that arrogant, cocky look needed to embody Zoltan's feral nature.

I hope you enjoy my character choices for "Danube in Candlelight."

5 Stars, Reader's Favorite:
This story is the closest I have ever come to reading a book that feels like a movie!

5 Hearts, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews:
Once again, Stephanie Burkhart has touched my imagination and with her writing brings 1922 Hungary to life. Danube in Candlelight is a very romantic, yet spicy read. This is a must read if you enjoy the paranormal werewolf stories or even if you merely enjoy a great romance.

Book Trailer on You Tube:

Set in Budapest 1922, The Hungarians are recovering from the war. Adam Varga is Hungarian to the bone and becomes an architect to help rebuild his nation. Morgan Duma returns from England also intent on helping to rebuild her country.

After a tragedy happens to her mother, Morgan discovers her father is a werewolf. She begins to question who she is, becoming more reckless, more daring, and her choices more bold. When Zoltan Kristos, a known werewolf, requests Morgan accompany him to the summer ball, Morgan has to decide which man will best fit her life.







  1. Whew! I'm having a hard time keeping up with you, Steph. You're everywhere.
    Interesting blog about how you create characters. I agree that flaws are necessary. I like to give them a secret, too.
    all the best, Steph.

  2. Steph, I love how you've incorporated the Victoria Holt story question of which guy is the good guy and that she can't tell initially. Those kinds of story of self-discovery and growth always resonate with me long after the book is finished! Wishing you all the best with Danube.

  3. Sarah, I'm a sucker for a secret. If I can weave one in, I do.

    Maggie, Ohhh...yes, and Morgan honestly doesn't know what to think about Zoltan until his true lupine nature begins to show. Thanks for popping in.