Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Author Spotlight - Michelle Levigne talks about her favorite Science Fiction Show

Right now, it's Warehouse 13.

Essentially: Secret Service agents travel the world, looking for weird, magical, sometimes malevolent gizmos that are wreaking havoc in people's lives. Like Edgar Allen Poe's pen, that makes the things it writes happen. Or Marilyn Monroe's hairbrush, that turns a woman's hair platinum and makes her act like ... well, a dizzy blonde bimbo! Or stones from the Tower of Babel, that scrambles languages. On and on. The agents neutralize the gizmos and take them to Warehouse 13, where they're controlled and kept from hurting people.

All the weird gizmos are great. The challenge of short-circuiting the dangerous gizmo that is either malfunctioning or has fallen into the wrong hands. Or identifying what crazy things is suddenly creating havoc.

But more important is the cast of characters. They're all unique, they're all individuals, and they care about each other, even as they're sniping at each other and teasing and griping and being totally frustrated with each other. I love the ensemble, the family feel -- don't we often want to just strangulate our family, despite how much we love them? Pete and Mica are so different, but such a perfect team. Pete is the big, goofy little brother who enjoys all the weirdness. Mica is the smart, anal-retentive, analytical big sister trying to get Pete to be serious for more than two seconds in a row. Then there's Claudia, the super-geek rocker, so smart she scares herself. Like she said one time to Artie, "I'm not even my own age." There's Gina, who certainly deserves more screen time, who cares, who looks after them. Artie, the overburdened, frustrated, "can we get serious now?" father of this brood. And scary Mrs. Fredric! Love her. I sure hope that watch that McPherson left for Artie has what it takes to fix things. The last we saw of Mrs. Fredric, she was a pile of dust and bones on Gina's living room floor!

Warehouse 13 has humor and snarky fun. It's clean. It saves the world at least twice every season. And there just aren't enough episodes.

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