Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Author Spotlight - Christina Freeburn talks about her influences

I always thought I didn't have a 'true' influence on my writing because I've always wrote different types of stories. How could any one writer, book, or even style of story, have influenced my writing when I create stories that use voices and techniques that are the opposite of each other.

One day, I saw a poll someone was doing regarding the influence Nancy Drew had on female mystery author's writing...and I realized how wrong I was. I enjoyed reading about Nancy Drew and her adventures but my true love was the Hardy Boys. Frank. Joe. Fenton and Laura. Aunt Gertrude. Even now, I still sometimes pick up a Hardy Boy book and read it. There's something about the stories that tug at my heart and are a comfort to me.

I was more drawn to the Hardy Boys because I yearned to be in their family. I loved to experience the warm and loving family of the Hardy Boys. Reading those books allowed me to spend time with siblings who loved and cared about each other, where parents supported their children (though I'd never be that supportive if my teens wanted to hunt down criminals), filled a longing in me. Those books brought joy to my life and allowed me to experience the type of family I dreamed about as a child.

Without having known it, the Hardy Boys played a key role in the type of stories I wrote. Whether I write mysteries or romantic suspense, there is a strong family unit that is the backbone of the book. The family members don't always get along in harmony. They have their moments of arguments and saying just that 'perfect' thing to irritate their sibling but in the end ... they stand up and by each. When one is threatened, they close ranks as no issue between them is ever more important than each other's well-being. Disagreements and personality clashes become non-existent. Family is first.

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