Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Author Spotlight - The Tabor Heights Series - Who's your Favorite Citizen?

The Mission is my 11th Tabor Heights novel, and only one book away from the "end" of Year One of the Tabor Heights books. While my readers are settling in to revisit the town and old friends, and find out what's happening with people who they've only glimpsed previously, I'm working on rough drafting Year Two of Tabor Heights!

I'm trying to carry on the pattern I've already established with the first "year," in that events during the year will be mentioned from one book to another. In fact, the first book of Year Two, "Invitation to a Wedding," will have a large section in the middle that is all correspondence between the hero and heroine. He's going to seminary in the West, and she's keeping him updated on what's happening in town -- the relationships, weddings, tragedies, scandals. And along the way, you learn a little more about the two of them and their relationship with each other. But to do that, I have to know what's happening in all the other books!

Why do I keep punishing myself like this? I mean, I like challenges, but not ridiculous ones!

Well, I hope that my readers enjoy it!

How about posting comments here on the blog, and let me know if there are any citizens you've met in Tabor Heights who you think you'd like to see find a happily-ever-after in Year Two?

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