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Author Spotlight - Excerpt from Substitute Lover

Thank you so much for supporting Delores' week in the spotlight. Enjoy this excerpt from Substitute Lover.

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When she looked up at him, he clamped his mouth shut. "I heard Jasper had left town with you, and then it took me a while because you weren't in any of the places I expected to find a lady."

"I'm so glad you found me." She smiled and stroked his arm.

"We've got to talk, Tennyson. Have you eaten any breakfast?"

Her stomach rumbled at the mention of food.

"I guess not. Let's see to you, first." Caleb looked her up and down, and then turned her around. His big hands brushed down her long skirt. Bits of hay and dust fell onto the ground. Next, he fumbled with her hair.

"Let me." She lifted her hands to tuck the stray locks away, refreshing her dignity back into place before he escorted her to the stage stop for breakfast. "Is this better?" She turned her questioning gaze on him.

He narrowed his eyes and then he smiled. "A bit dusty, but any traveling lady would be. Let's go eat at the stage depot. Oh." He paused, and looked into the distance, chewing on his lip. He rubbed the toe of one flat-heeled boot in the dust. He sighed, then looked down and met her gaze. "Is there a ring on your finger?"

The intensity of his gaze bored into hers.

Her cheeks turned scarlet.

"Why, no." She paused, her voice whispery as she stretched her hands out for him to see.

"We never found the preacher, so we didn't get married." She swallowed. "And then Jasper left."

He quirked his mouth in a cynical grin.

"I'm not Jasper, but will I do for now?"

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  1. I enjoyed reading your excerpt. I love stories about the old west.