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Author Spotlight - Q&A with Stephenia McGee

STEPH: I don’t know much about A Legacy of Lies. What's it about?

STEPHENIA: It's about a life built on a legacy - a legacy built on lies. Haunting supernatural visions, grand adventure, mystery, intrigue, cowboys, suspense, the hand of God and an unexpected love.

Sarah Sanders was always the reasonable sort, until she kissed a cowboy against her better judgment. Feeling strangely drawn to this mysterious ranch hand with a dark past, she finds herself swept up in an adventure that will force her to question everything she believes.

Jim Anderson's cowboy gig is going pretty well. Except for one thing - he thinks he's going insane. Night terrors, hallucinations, and now a girl he has no business falling for. It's better to keep his distance. But when Sarah is nearly killed, he will risk it all to save her.

When tragedy brings him back to the home he tried to escape, Jim will have to face the truth behind his strange circumstances and hope that Sarah will believe him. Digging up the answers to questions long buried, does he have the strength to face the dark family secrets that threaten to destroy them both?

STEPH: How long did it take you to write?

STEPHENIA: That’s a tough one. I worked on this book on and off for about six years. This was my very first manuscript, although the published version is a good bit different from the original. As I started writing, taking classes and going to conferences, I learned a lot. What I learned I applied to my story. It grew along with me.

STEPH: How much research did you have to do?

STEPHENIA: Most of the research I needed for this book I had already done in real life. My hero uses natural horsemanship, and it is something I have studied, practiced and taught for some time now. The other things, such as information for the ranch, average temperatures, and the names of local landmarks, I found on the internet. Miles City and the Tongue River are real places in Montana.

STEPH: How does the cover reflect the story within?

STEPHENIA: You can see the two characters on the ranch at sunset. He is looking into the distance at his horse (symbolizing his lifelong dream). The most striking element is the evil eyes formed in the clouds. Hanging over him, watching his every move.

STEPH: Sarah is the heroine. What are her strengths? Weaknesses?

STEPHENIA: In a way, Sarah’s strength is also her weakness. She has become so self-sufficient that she has walled herself in, afraid of opening up to anyone or letting someone help her. But Sarah also has a very strong faith in God, and it this faith that pushes her to take risks.

STEPH: What does Jim find appealing about her?

STEPHENIA: Aside from her striking emerald eyes, Jim is drawn to Sarah first through their common interest and then to her quite strength, honesty, and spunk.

STEPH: What is the theme of the novel?

STEPHENIA: Redemption. The characters find that no matter how messy life can get, grace can heal all wounds.

STEPH: As a writer, where do you draw inspiration from?

STEPHENIA: Other than my overactive imagination? From the world around me. Anything I see, characteristics, funny comments, mannerisms is all food for the story always circulating in my mind.

STEPH: Do you have an ebook reader? If so, which one?

STEPHENIA: I have a Kindle. I love being able to carry such a slim library and bookstore in my purse!

STEPH: Fun question: Do you believe in New Year's resolutions? Why or why not?

STEPHANIA: Believe in them, yes. Able to stick to them...well, not so much. But I am really trying to follow mine this year. Eat a little healthier, exercise a little more.


Desert Breeze

"I knew it was a Christian romance when I started reading. I didn't know it would have such unexpected twists and turns. Desperately needing to know what would happen next, I couldn't put it down until I reached the last page."
Judy T

"McGee keeps her story moving and the reader guessing, expertly juggling the elements of gothic suspense, cowboy romance, divine intervetion, and inspirational fiction. I enjoyed Legacy of Lies for its characters and unique mix of story styling."
Barbara Scott, author

"This book has it all: a nice quick plot, a massive castle, cowboys, a dark mystery, a cold seductress and a story that leaves you thinking about it long after you’ve finished the book. If you’re looking for one good read, I definitely recommend this book."
Patty Froese, author

"A Legacy of Lies is a heart-warming tale of a man's search for forgiveness. A blend of Western Romance and Big City Intrigue, Stephenia H. McGee takes the parable of the prodigal son and creates a modern twist readers won't see coming until the final page."
Jennifer Lindsay


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  1. I love finding new authors to read and your book sounds so interesting and suspenseful...
    Would love to read it.
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  2. This looks like a must read! I really enjoyed this interview and learning about the book!
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