Thursday, 7 January 2010

Featured Desert Breeze January 2010 Release - Too Hot to Handle

Female arson investigator Jennifer Valdez and Fire Marshal Mark Edwards are forced to work together to solve a series of arson-related fires. A series of sabotage incidents occurs that place the blame on Jennifer, and while Mark can't deny he attraction he feels to her, he still has to do his job.

Betrayed by Mark's assumption that she is guilty --- Jennifer is deeply hurt when he can't believe in her innocence. While solving the arson, they must both learn to trust before they can truly love.

For a moment, Jennifer stood with her mouth open, staring at the hole in the kitchen's plate glass window. When she saw a booted foot kick in the remaining jagged glass, she dropped the phone and ran for the front door.

Johnny swore as he crawled through the window. She undid the chain, twisted the dead bolt, and reached for the doorknob.

He grabbed her from behind. His arms, which she'd seen carry a four-year old boy out of a fire and cradle an old man who'd been badly hurt in a car accident, tightened around her chest and cinched her rib cage. Fear and anger knotted inside her.

"Let me go!" She felt the rage in him, like a volcano on the verge of erupting. His breath reeked of cheap booze.

"No way. I already did that and look where it got me." His grip grew more painful.

"All right. Let's go into the living room and talk this out rationally."

His grip eased fractionally. "Promise you won't run."

"I promise."

I was born in Washington D. C. I married at 18 and went to work as an executive secretary for the Central Intelligence for three years. I had two sons from my marriage. Twelve years later I divorced. I moved to Colorado in October of 1981 and stayed with my older brother and his wife until I got on my feet. I have written three books, two of which have recently sold. Each year I attend writer meetings, workshops, conventions to hone my craft. I also belong to two other writer groups, one of which is inspirational.

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