Saturday, 23 January 2010

Meet Desert Breeze Author, Celia Yeary!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to give a big shout to Celia who has recently joined the team of authors here at Desert Breeze. Celia has several books with Wild Rose Press and is very active on the 'net with her blog. Celia lives in Texas. And without any further, here she is. Welcome, Celia. Steph


I was a product of the Nifty Fifties, although at that time, no one realized we were "nifty." As many of my classmates did, I married very young, had two babies, and set my course on being the very best mommy and wife in town. What was good enough for Betty Crocker was good enough for me. Then the Sixties roared in, forcing citizens to take part in the revolution or stay home. Well, I didn't have a draft card to burn, and my bra wasn't big enough to make much of a flame—besides, my mother always told me to keep my underwear on—but I didn't want to stay home anymore, either.

The term "women's lib" rolled in, and not knowing the exact meaning, I did know it had something to do with older women going back to college. By older, for me, I mean in my mid-twenties. After much discussion with my heaven-sent husband, he agreed to work at two jobs, sixteen hours a day, so I could earn a degree. Since he already had two and I'd helped him, it was my turn. Degree in hand, I entered the teaching force.

Fortunate for me, I retired early—very early. After volunteering, study groups, and church activities, I learned to play golf. Then, in 2004, I sat down at the computer and began to write a story. I'd never written anything in my life other than science research papers, so how amazed do you think I was when an entire novel appeared on the screen? Really!

That began a love affair with the written word and how I had the ability to create stories. And create I did! After two years, I had a dozen novels in my files. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Today, I'm a very ordinary person who got lucky and sold some of those stories. When a friend or acquaintance in town learns of my new vocation, she or he (yes, some men) are stunned. "What?" they might say. "I thought you were a sweet, kind lady who poured tea and made crumpets." Ha-ha. If only, they knew.

My husband is my best friend. We have two lovely children who grew up to be successful, worthwhile adults, and we are proud grandparents of three young boys. Not a girl in the bunch. We were privileged to roam the world, sail on the high seas, and fly hither and yon. I'm an eighth generation Texan with roots back before Texas was even a Republic.

Every single day of my life, I wonder why I have been so extraordinarily blessed. "Life is a song; sing it."

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  1. Celia, it's great to have you here and I'm looking forward to your Desert Breeze release. I'm glad you were able to earn that degree. It's very rewarding. What a life you've had!


  2. Thank you, sweet Steph--you are a jewel. Honestly, I don't know how you do so much.What would we do without you? Yes, I'm happy to be part of the Desert Breeze group. Everyone works hard and wants to do their best--I like that. Thank you--Celia

  3. Celia,

    I cannot wait to read your DB book. I am a DB author also and I love it here

    You have walked in alot of different paths

    Please visit my blog

    Walk in harmony,

  4. Thanks for the welcome, Melinda--I know you're new, too. Celia

  5. Celia,
    I enjoyed learning more about you! So much fun looking back at the fifties and sixties. You've been blessed with a great life, and I'm sure you're a blessing to your family.

    I'm so glad you're a DBP author and look forward to reading your books!

  6. Thank you, thank you--for the lovely welcome. I'm very happy to be part of DB--I only hope I can become a valuable part of it. Celia