Monday, 11 January 2010

Interview with Diane Craver, author of Marrying Mallory

Diane Craver is the author of Marrying Mallory, A new release with Desert Breeze this month. After the interview, Diane offers a chance to win her new book. Let's get started!


#1 - How did you get the inspiration for "Marrying Mallory?"

As a writer, I have to admit that my stories are sometimes influenced by my many life experiences. Hey, I've lived life fully! LOL For "Marrying Mallory" I used a personal experience that I felt would make for a realistic character. I got into Mallory's mind completely because I know what it's like not to have a cute small nose.

#2 - Do you cast your characters? If so, who is Mallory? Seth?

That's a tough question because Mallory isn't a flawless beauty. Mallory has a large nose so I can only think of one actress and that's Sarah Jessica Parker. I think she's beautiful like Mallory even though she also has a larger nose. But she's thirteen years older than Mallory. Hey, I just thought of an actress to play Mallory and it's Jennifer Garner. They'd have to make her nose larger for the part, but otherwise she seems like Mallory to me and closer to her age.

Now casting an actor for Seth is easy. From the beginning, I've pictured David Conrad as Seth – he plays Jim Clancy on “The Ghost Whisperer”.

STEPH: Jennifer Garner and David Conrad! Perfect choices!

#3 - Do you have a book trailer you can share?

I do – here's the link for my Marrying Mallory trailer:

#4 - I don't know much about the plot of "Marrying Mallory." What can you tell me about it?

I'd love to tell you about the plot. Mallory isn't happy with herself because she's divorced. She feels strong guilt that she couldn't forgive her cheating ex-husband. As a Christian, she doesn't feel that she has the right to get married again. Also she is unhappy about her outward appearance. She loses fifteen pounds but that isn't enough. She decides to do something for herself and goes to see a plastic surgeon, Dr. Seth Whitman, to have rhinoplasty. Immediately, her life becomes complicated because she's attracted to the doctor. Seth feels the same way about her, and he has trouble maintaining a doctor-patient relationship.

#5 - What was the last movie you saw in the theatre?

My husband and I had a date night a couple of weeks ago. We saw "Everybody's Fine" and I liked it. It was interesting because the adult children don't go home to see their father after their mother has died, so he goes on a road trip to see each one of them. He learns so many things about them that he never knew because his wife thought she was protecting him from how they had really turned out.

#6 - Who are some of your favorite authors?

I've found several new authors from Desert Breeze Publishing and other small publishers. Recently I enjoyed reading Marion Kelley Bullock's ebook, "Christmas Stranger". I have many favorite authors and some of them are: Mary Higgins Clark, Carol Higgins Clark, LaVyrle Spencer, Jude Deveraux, Sophie Kinsella, Judith McNaught, and Sandra Brown.

STEPH: I love Judith McNaught. She's high on my list as well. "Whitney, My Love" is a classic for me.

#7 - Do you have an ebook reader? If so, which one? Do you have a tip for it?

I'm happy to say that I received a Kindle for my birthday in November from my husband and kids. It will be great to have so many books on the Kindle instead of having tons of paperbacks all over the house. I absolutely love it, but was nervous using it at first. My tip is if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Kindle support. I had to and they were so helpful.

STEPH: I love my Kindle too!

#8 - I see that you live in Ohio. Tell me something about Ohio that you love.

Right now, I'd rather be in Florida. It is so cold here – 14 degrees and will be cold ALL week plus we had snow today and we are expected to have 5 inches later in the week. I think one thing I love about Ohio has to be the people. People in Cincinnati are friendly. I assumed that it was this way everywhere, but people from out of state tell me that we are much friendlier here. One more thing I love about Ohio is the Ohio State Buckeyes – their football team just won the Rose Bowl! I graduated from there but I won't say when. LOL

STEPH: The Buckeyes rocked this year! They're something to be very proud of!


Diane's Giveaway:
If you leave a comment on this post, you'll be entered in a drawing for a copy of Marrying Mallory. It can be the Kindle or PDF. format. Diane will announce the winner here late Tuesday morning!

Best wishes to you on your latest release, Diane!


  1. Thanks, Steph, for interviewing me!

    Glad you agree about the Buckeyes. :)

  2. I enjoyed your interview, Diane.

  3. My husband's a Buckeyes fan. Personally, I prefer the NFL (so sad that the Eagles are already out of the playoffs...)

    Great interview, Diane!

  4. Hi Patsy,

    Thank you for visiting and commenting!

  5. Hi Nicole,

    It seems like there were a lot of surprises. We were disappointed how the Bengals played -defense was good but the offense wasn't any good. Glad to hear your husband likes the Buckeyes, too!

  6. HI Diane!

    Great interview! I enjoyed your video for Marrying Mallory. I really like the plotline of the book. I can appreciate a herione with a past. :)Adds some flavor to the romance.

    Best Wishes,
    Sarah Simas

  7. Nicole, I was disappointed with the Bengals, too. And my my Patriots!! They broke my heart. Sigh... At least I can still root for the Chargers. hehe. Football, college and the pros, sure gave us a great year, huh?

    And Diane, yes - I LOVED your trailer for Marrying Mallory. Kari did a great job with it.


  8. Hi Sarah,

    I'm glad you liked the video - Kerri Nelson did an awesome job making it for me. Thanks for your great comments!

  9. Steph,
    Yeah, what happened to the Patriots?
    It'll be interesting to see which two teams end up at the Super Bowl.

  10. Hi Diane,
    Enjoyed the interview and I'm looking forward to reading Marrying Mallory.

  11. Hi Rebecca,

    Thank you so much. Have a great day!

  12. DIANE--lovely interview! This is my first visit to the DB blog--so, you're first. I noticed we have favorite, and I mean FAVORITE, authors in common--LaVyrle Spencer, whom I have talked about many, many times on our Yahoo Loop, The Book Spa, and on my own blog--She is the cornerstone of real romance, to me, at least, and everyone could learn a thing or two from her. Others--Sandra Brown and Judith McNaught. Celia

  13. I still remember Spencer's Morning Glory - so touching and a wonderful story with great characters.

    And like Steph mentioned, Whitney, My Love, is one to always remember by McNaught. I also liked her Paradise one a lot.

    Thanks, Celia, for visiting! And congrats on your DBP contracts! I look forward to your releases.

  14. Steph, Patsy, Nicole, Sarah,Rebecca and Celia,

    Thank you so much for visiting and for your comments!

    I just drew a name and the winner is Sarah Simas. Congrats, Sarah. Email me at which format of Marrying Mallory you'd prefer.

    Also I'm having two bigger giveaways (signed print book, ebook, chocolate, lip gloss and more) next week at my blog to celebrate the release of Marrying Mallory so please stop by. Blog link is:

  15. Diane,

    I have put your books on my must read list. They sound wonderful


  16. Hi Melinda,

    Thank you so much - I appreciate that!