Monday, 4 January 2010

Featured January 2010 Release - Were Love Blooms

Madison Lee thought she'd put her European vacation behind her, until the full moon turned her into a hairy beast. A year later she has come to grip with her new life, now her whole world is blown apart. The man who gave her a night of incredible passion and an uncontrollable urge to howl at the moon shows up in town with his sights on taking over her family's business.

Hot on his heels a stranger comes to town with more than the rustic scenery on his mind. He's a monster hunter out for Nicholi's blood and just maybe hers if he finds out her not so little secret. How is a Southern Deb supposed to deal with lovers, killers and the biggest Cotillion of the year all at the same time? Madison soon learns Where there's a Were, there's a way and it leads straight to love.

"Hush, Mabelle knows best," she said clamping him firmly back in the chair.

With those famous last words, I settled into my chair, plucked a fairly recent issue of Cosmo from the table and got ready for the fun. The first fifteen minutes or so, were boring as a Sunday sermon with the a/c broke. In other words, I fell straight to sleep. I probably would have dozed the entire afternoon away but somewhere in the middle of a Blake Shelton dream, I heard Miss Mabelle's voice go below the range a human should be able to hear.

"So, Nick, you planning to ask our Maddy to the Satin Rose?" Those simple words were enough to wake me up and leave poor Blake standing sad and alone on the beach.

Being the sneaky girl I am, I cracked my eyelid just a smidgen to catch his answer.

"I'm sure she already has an escort."

I didn't. Not saying I couldn't have gotten one at the drop of a hat, but the pickings were slim and this Deb doesn't settle for just anyone.

Mabelle bent in low, giving me a nod, when she caught me peeking. "I know for a fact she doesn't."

Surviving a long bout with sanity, J. Morgan found a muse willing to work cheap and began work on his first book.

Since then, his imagination has been seen running wild on several occassions. Luckily, the straight jackets have been limited to his time away from the computer.

When not writing, 'Jmo' can be found in front of the TV pretending to write while really watching endless hours of drivel and laughing at the voices in his head who are constantly feeding him plotlines. While the voices may not be in total control just yet, one day they hope to have a book deal of their own.

The Love Bites Series:
Love Bites Book One: Love at First Stake - April 2009
Love Bites Book Two: Love to Stake Another Day - November 2009
Love Bites Book Three: Love Free Stake Hard - June 2010

The Southern Werewolf Chronicles
Were Love Blooms - January 2010

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