Thursday, 4 March 2010

Featured March Release - Destiny's Designs by Regina Andrews

From the chintz window treatments to the plush carpeting, Lisa Machon has carefully designed every detail of Innovations, her Newport, Rhode Island interior design firm. Control has been the objective in her personal life, too. Until she meets the dashing, carefree sailor Neil Lamont, a man who doesn't seem to have a care in the world.

Little does she know that he is not as fancy-free as he appears. They are united only by their mutual affection for Countess Lamont, Neil's mother, and destined to go to great lengths to bring her happiness. Through faith, will they see that Lord is really in control of our lives? And will faith open their hearts to their love for each other?


Silence. Once again, the answer she hoped to hear from God did not arrive.

She sighed, starting to print copies of her lecture notes for her students. She gasped and jumped up when Neil burst into her office.

He held the door wide open and knocked on the frame, shaking the clapboard shop. "Anybody home?"

Lisa shook her head. "You'll huff and you'll puff... but you can just come in. Good morning."

"You tell me what's good about it."

He closed the door behind him, then ran his hands through his tousled hair. Lisa noticed his broad his palms and strong fingers. His ringless finger...

Oh, Lord! I do not need a distraction named Neil Lamont!


A resident of Providence, Rhode Island --- Regina grew up in nearby Barrington and still belongs to her church family in that town. After graduating from Providence College she attended the University of Delaware, eventually earning her Master's Degree in American Civilization from Brown University. She is inspired by the seashore and the song of the birds... anything to do with nature. She and her husband enjoy visiting nearby Cape Cod.

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  1. Regina, I LOVE Newport, Rhode Island. When I was in high school, my American Studies class took us down there to see the mansions and I just fell in love the town. (and Rhode Island) I've been since and it was one of the places I took my husband to shortly after we got married. I also have a blog post about the Breakers on my personal blog, Romance Under the Moonlight. I'm looking forward to reading your story!