Friday, 12 March 2010

An Interview with Geoffrey of Siva, from Knight of Glory by Nicole Zoltack

I'm here with Geoffrey of Siva today, a Knight in the Kingdom Arnhem. Geoffery is the main character in Nicole Zoltack latest release, "Knight of Glory."

STEPH: So, Geoffrey, tell us about this woman named Celestia that you've just met. What's she like? Where's she from?

GEOFFERY: *eyes turn dreamy* She's beautiful with long, wavy red hair and the most intriguing eyes. I couldn't tell at first what color they were, green or blue, they're a sparkling aquamarine, the like of which I had never seen before. And her skin! Her complexion is like a soft blush, sweet and rosey.

We shared a few dances but she never did tell me much about herself. She is staying near the market, though, and I can hardly wait to see her again!

STEPH: Tell us a little about the war that's going on between Arnhem and Specians.

GEOFFERY: Vile Speicans! How I hate them! They want nothing better than to kill us all, to run us from oiur homes, to steal our land. Not that long ago, they stole until our land and kidnapped many of our women. *mumbles some horrible curses under his breath that weren't suitable for a lady's hearing*

You see, Speica is a desert land, hardly any crops will go there. Because they cannot grow their own food, they plunder from neighboring villages. Our kingdom and theirs have fought for centuries now, idle battles, and many wars. I fear that this war will be the last one, with only one kingdom remaining to tell the tale.

For truth, I cannot recall why Arnhem and Speica started fighting in the first place, those long years ago.

STEPH: Tell us what your favorite class was as a page and why you enjoyed it so much.

GEOFFREY: I am much pleased that you asked about my favorite class and not my least favorite. *shudders at an ill memory involving a bird and its droppings*

Weaponry. Any time I held a sword, even the wooden ones from being a page, I knew I could not only defend my own honor, but those entrusted in my care. Being a knight means protecting those who cannot protect themselves. And what better way to accomplish that then by being able to defend them with sword and shield?

STEPH: Tell us a little about your home, Siva.

GEOFFREY: Siva is a small town within Arnhem. I only have precious few memories of it, having left there at the age of seven to start my training at the castle.

Siva has fertile land, perfect for farming. Many families there are farmers, a good deal of my childhood friends tilled the land instead of becoming a knight like me. If you are born into a noble family, it is expected that you would become a knight. Even those not of noble blood has a chance to become a knight, should their family be able to afford it. I am a noble and am very glad for that. I do not think that I could work with animals all day and fight the soil to get crops to grow. God's Wounds! That would have been an awful life for me. But I do know that some enjoyed it.

STEPH: Do you have any charities you give to or support?

GEOFFREY: All knights (or should I say all decent and honorable knights) give as much as they can to those in need of charity, whether it is time, coin, or someone to protect them. Right now, it is my duty to help all of Arnhem, not any particular part of it.

STEPH: How did you meet King Caelan? How long have you known him?

GEOFFREY: I've known Caelan since I first went to the palace for a ball. I was nearly five, he was four. When we both realized that we would be training for knighthood around the same time, we became fast friends. For so long, 'twas strange to think of him as the prince, but now he's king and married to Aislinn! *laughs* 'Tis funny how life works itself out sometimes. Long ago, I had fancied AIslinn for myself but that would have been a disaster. I knew those two loved each other before they did. And their love is strong and true. Nothing will make it waver. I can only hope that one day, I share that great love with a wonderful lady.

STEPH: I noticed that the queen affectionately calls you "Bard." Have you written poetry? Is there a poem you like to share with us?

GEOFFREY: *narrows his eyes* She calls me that to torment me! It started back when I fancied her. I might have mentioned something about her eyes, stole a line from one of the bards. Ever since, she calls me that. I know she means it in jest and sometimes it doesn't bother me but other times, it stings. At the time, I had truly cared for her, and she had shoved me aside. 'Friends only,' she said. But I'd wager a silver piece that she started to think about the prince a little more after that.

Knights don't have time to write poetry! Although I have heard that it does make the ladies swoon. Perhaps I could write Celestia a piece. Maybe she would enjoy my efforts, and they wouldn't be in vain as they had been with Aislinn and the others. How does one fall in love? What is love?

For all I know, my idealization of love, my longing for it, my almost desperate need for it, could be why Aislinn calls me bard. One day, if I ever do find love, I will write her a poem. Or a song. Just please, don't tell Aislinn? She'll never let me hear the end of it!

STEPH: Geoffrey, thank you for being here. Good luck on your adventure! (And thank you to Nicole for being in character!) Knight of Glory is available NOW with Desert Breeze.


  1. GEOFFREY, you poor romantic fool. Oh the depth of longing you carry it must be so hard on your emotions. I hope you find the love of your dreams and get to compose a work of love for her.

    Love seldoms comes to those who search so avidly, and ideal women are not that easy to find. Relax and look around you. Maybe love will find you.

  3. Geoffrey told me to say:

    Tina, if you were a man, I would challenge you to a duel! Calling me a fool.... But I cannot picture my life alone. I will one day marry. If only I could find her!

    And, Barry, I hope so. I certainly haven't been able to find love. Maybe I should let it find me instead.