Monday, 15 March 2010

An interview with Lilly & Sam, from Beyond Africia

We're here today with Lilly and 3 year old Sam from Beyond Africa . (Author Carie Lawson is in "character") Welcome Lilly and Sam.

STEPH - Lilly, where did you train to a missionary?

LILLY: At my Mom's knee. This mission is home--it's where I grew up, I say grew up, but really I lived here from the time I was two until I was eight. It's a place I felt very loved. The best memories of my childhood were right here. It's kind of funny comparing those childhood memories with the reality of today. You know everyone talks about things seeming smaller when they return to a place they remember as a child. I'm finding that things here are more worn than I remember.

STEPH - Lilly, what inspired you to become a missionary? I understand you grew up with a Aunt.

LILLY: After my parent's died, all I ever wanted was to come back here. The best way to do that was to get a nursing degree. I completed my degree about eighteen months ago and started looking for a way to get back to the mission. God worked more than one miracle to help me get back.

STEPH - Sam, what about Lilly do you like?

LILLY: Her hair is shiny like the sun. And she smiles a lot. I'm not scared anymore when she's near me.

STEPH - Lilly, how has Sam's presence in your life, changed you?

LILLY: He's given me a family again. I know what it's like to be alone and so does he. I guess that makes it very easy for us to stay together.

STEPH - Lilly, I hear there's a pilot who likes to help out, Case? What's he like?

LILLY: Hmm, well. I'm not sure that he really likes helping out. But he's been very kind when we've asked him. We might have overstepped by asking for his help this last time. It's just that there are these children here, a family looking for their mother. They got separated from her during a round of fighting not too far away. Nick, another missionary, suggested asking Case to help us look for their mother, because he's a pilot. Of course, I had to ask him because I met him first and we've become friends...kind of. He agreed to help, but wants me to go with him. It makes me a little nervous. He's so handsome and has been kind, but I don't really know that much about him. I mean, why would an American pilot chose to stay in the DRC? I don't think it's for the money. Still, if it can help those children, I'll go. It'll be fine.

STEPH: - Lilly, what do you love about the Congo ? Sam, what do you love about your home?

LILLY: I like helping people who need it. The other missionaries, Bill and Sarah, remember my parents so it's kind of like being with family.

Sam: I like Lilly and Nick. I get to sleep on a pile of blankets in Lilly's room and Nick gives me cake sometimes. He smiles a lot.

Lilly: I think Nick might be the real Santa Claus. He's great with the kids here.

STEPH: - Lilly, do you have TV? The Internet.

LILLY: Oh, no. We have one phone here. It has a cord. But I wasn't expecting things to have those things.

STEPH: - Sam, are you an Elmo fan?

SAM: Lilly, who's Elmo? Oh, no, but there's a dog that I like to play with sometimes. I think monsters are scary.

Thanks for popping in today Lilly & Sam.

Carie's book is available at the Desert Breeze Site or on Amazon for the Kindle


  1. Lilly-- You know everyone talks about things seeming smaller when they return to a place they remember as a child. I'm finding that things here are more worn than I remember.

    Tina-- I think anyone can relate to that. The world changes, we change, and when we return to the places of our youth things are different. It's wonderful that you have someone to share your missionary dream with Lilly. Sam sounds wonderful.

    Congrats Carie.

  2. Lilly,

    I admire your compasion and your dedication. Hi Sam, waving my hand. Thanks to both of you for a great interview.

  3. Sam's a little shy. I can't get his head out of my neck now that you're here. But thanks for stopping by today.

  4. I enjoyed learning more about Sam and Lilly! What great characters! Thanks for the interview, Steph and Carie!

    The book cover is gorgeous and I want to read this story.

  5. Everyone - thanks so much for popping in and visiting. Glad everyone liked it. If you'd like to do a character interview with your characters, let me know. I'm up for it.