Saturday, 10 April 2010

An A-muse-ing Interview with J Morgan, Steph Burkhart, and muses Diana & Isolde!

J Morgan's muse from @mused, "Diana" and Steph Burkhart's muse from "Matchmaking Amusement," "Isolde" teamed up to interview each other's authors today. It's a fun post with a lot of chuckles. First up: Diana interviews Stephanie.


DIANA: As a Muse I don't normally do interviews. It's not that I'm anti-interview or anything. It's just that the powers that be would rather we kept low-key on the public appearances. Something about it kicking us into a higher tax bracket. I call bull pucky on that but since they cut the checks, I tend to keep my mouth shut. Like I said, I don't normally do interviews but when Desert Breeze told me I'd get to play Larry King, I couldn't pass up the chance.

So sit back and get ready for the first thrilling episode of Diana the Muse Live!

Joining me onset today is none other than Stephanie Burkhart, author, mother and muse dependent and muse addict! Sorry, but you've got to jazz these things up to get readership up.

So Steph, how long have you been addicted to muses and are you jonzing right now? Because I'm taken and I have pepper spray in case you get any funny ideas.

Author Stephanie Burkhart

Stephanie: Diana you're wild. I'm actually trying to do this interview with my 3 nyear old on my lap. Forgive my typos. Joe is a heck of a muse in his own right. Funny ideas? me. hahahahaha

Diana: Somebody get legal on the phone to see if we have to pay double for the child labor.

Now, while they jump on that let's move on to the next question. It's been rumored you snagged Shakespeare's Muse. After reading your story, I have to say you must have. Since, muses are forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement, where did the idea for Matchmaking A-muse-ment come from? Like I don't know. Wink, wink, nudge nudge.

Stephanie: Um, the idea came from my muse of course! (I don't want to make Isolde mad at me) I don't know about Shakespeare's muse but I'll settle for JK Rowling's muse. Isolde is very picky who she works for. Actually, Gail Delaney, (Editor in Chief at Desert Breeze) asked me if I wanted to write Matchmaking Amusement and I got all excited, jumped up and down and said "Heck, yes!" Then Isolde took over and threw some pixie dust on the story.

Diana: By pixie dust, you mean actual pixie dust and not some hip slang for something else. Because this is a family show.

Stephanie: Yes! Isolde grows her pixie dust in the marshes on New Galatia. She's very proud of her crop.

Diana: Before the police raid you, could you explain the importance of pixie dust to a muse? I would but that would be revealing trade secrets.

Stephanie: Quite simply, Pixie Dust is what enables Isolde to work her magic. Isolde is not your typical muse. She can actually talk to her writer. It's very disconcerting if you know what I mean.

Diana: I'm sure I don't, but let's continue. As an author have you ever wanted to be a muse yourself? The pay stinks but man the fringe benefits are worth it. We might even get dental this century.

Stephanie: I don't know about that. Isolde's job is hard, fluttering about and filing her nails. I don't have the imagination to be a muse.

Diana: Don't sell yourself short. A-muse-ment is an amazing story. I'm sure it wasn't all Muse inspired. After all, I'm not your muse.

Okay my producer is signaling that we need to wrap this up. Before he cuts to a commercial, what is the one thing you hope your readers come away from your stories with?

Stephanie: That there's a little bit of Isolde in all of us. *smiles*

Diana: Stephanie, thanks for joining us today. It has been a pleasure and please don't forget your gift bag as you leave.

What do you mean we ran over budget and couldn't afford gift bags! My agent will hear about this! Sorry, Steph. That's the reason I stick to the written word. Just so you don't leave empty handed—which you are—could you please let our readers know all the fabulous places they can find out more about you and your fantastic books?

Stephanie: Thanks, Diana. You can visit me at: or My paranormal romance, "The Hungarian" will be available 1 MAY with Desert Breeze.

Now it's Isolde's turn to interview JMO.

ISOLDE: I usually don't talk to anyone but Tristan and Jane, but I grabbed a 1 lb bag of pixie dust and threw it on J. Morgan so I could interview him about his story, "@Mused." He was a good sport about it, after hacking up a lung and taking a Benadryl pill, he was all game to talk to me. So J, give us the skinny – I heard working an old world muse like Diana was rough. Just how tough is she on you?

JMO: Hack! Snort! Sneeze! Uh, excuse me but apparently I'm allergic to pixie dust. You don't happen to have a Zyrtek handy, do you?

Diana was wonderful to work with. Well, as long as you kept the Oreos coming. I ran out half way through the story and ended up typing one handed until I could get to the store. BTW, the muse mafia is real and they don't mind breaking a bone or three to get what they want.

ISOLDE: The Muse Mafia ? I wouldn't want to encounter that bunch. I'm afraid they'd break a nail. I heard Diana hit you over the head with a computer monitor to get your attention? Mind you, I don't know if my source – The National Inquirer – is really reliable.

Author J Morgan

JMO: They got the story half right. She crushed my hand in a laptop until I did what she wanted. Stupid me. I thought I was the one writing the story.

ISOLDE: Silly you, indeed! You know it's all about the muse. So how did "@Mused" come about? And don't blame it on the pixie dust!

JMO: Funny thing is, I really did have a Muse named Diana behind it. My good friend Diana Castilleja inspired it. We were chatting and she something about how much is inspired between authors chatting in IM and the story just popped into my head. A lot of people don't know this but in addition to Muses authors need other authors to help us deal with the craziness that is the writing life. Truthfully, I don't think non-writers understand how crazy authors really are. So I guess you could say it's all her fault, except for the Oreo scene. That's all mine.

ISOLDE: Oreos and pixie dust. I wonder if they mix. I agree writers need other writers. So what about the cheetoes was that all you too?

JMO: Okay, I am ashamed to admit this, but the occasional Cheeto has found its way into my chest hair. Thankfully, my wife is more than happy to laugh and point them out to me.

ISOLDE: Bless her. I just can't do the visual. Well, I'm going to wrap this up before the pixie dust wears off. Oh, Tristan just gave me a box of Oreos to give to you, they look…interesting to say the least. I prefer strawberries myself. My Mom in New Galatia is really proud of this interview, so do you want to leave some links where they can check out your writing?

JMO: Thanks it's been a blast. BTW, Strawberry Cream Oreos are the bomb! I'd love to have everyone check out my website and invite y'all to add me on Facebook where I tend to act abnormally on a daily basis.


Hope you enjoyed the fun!


  1. Steph and JMO--very clever and cute! Just like both of you. And your muses are just precious,too. They must be very patient and understanding to put up with you two. I honestly never knew muses were real...sort of real...named characters. Mercy, I thought "muse" was an adjective or an ailment, one or the other. Thanks for the entertainment--y'all are the best. Celia

  2. Thanks for popping in, Celia. Diana and Isolde are heading over to MUSEusm (the local bar) and hope you join them. They'll get the first round.