Sunday, 4 April 2010

Featured April Release - Be Mused Anthology


Muses are fickle creates, sprinkling inspiration on their wards as they see fit.

They live in a world just right of center from ours, and to them, we're just the day job. Muses need lives too, you know.

Enjoy this collection of stories compiled by several authors at Desert Breeze Publishing that will give you some insight into the world of the ethereal creatures who inspire the arts.

Contributing authors:

J. Morgan
Katie Charles
Stephanie Burkhart
Nicole Zoltack
Sandra Sookoo


"I see that bet and raise you two short stories and a novella to be named later."

Diana squinted at her hand. The three queens screamed call and raise, but Blaine was cagey. You could never tell when she was bluffing. That's what you got when you played poker with a Western Muse. Mina, the paranormal muse, was bad enough, always reading your thoughts, but Blaine was the worst of the lot. At least Kaylianne, the fantasy muse, had shown up to sit in on the game. You could always count on her to liven up the whole thing. Who would've thought the muse who inspired the entirety of modern geekdom could sweep a pot like nobody's business? Being Sisters of the Creative didn't matter when it came to no holds barred poker.

Checking her hand one more time, Diana decided to hell with it. "See that bet and raise you one epic poem."

Kaylianne snickered in her lilting Elven tone. "Blaine, I'd fold if I were you. Young Diana acts as if she has the hand of the night."

"You be quiet you outdated Tolkien ideal. The day Di Di beats me at cards is the day I'll wander up to the Asimovian Ideal and pucker him back to my century." Blaine sounded sure, but from the way she snuck a peek at her cards, Diana thought her sister muse might be about to bet a losing hand. "I'm in."

Kaylianne laid her cards face down on the table. "I fold."


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