Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wishing Desert Breeze a Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Editor in Chief, Gail Delaney

Desert Breeze Publishing is turning 1 this month and are some birthday wishes from the authors at Desert Breeze:

Sue Perkins:
I'm glad to be part of the DBP family and thank you Gail and Jenifer for all that you do to make us a family.

Barri Bryan:
Happy first birthday Desert Breeze. May you celebrate many, many more.
I raise my glass in a cyber toast to Desert Breeze
You're the best with the most.

Raine Falconer
My wish is that tens of thousands of readers will discover e:books, specifically the ones carried by DBP. Happy Birthday DBP!!!

Stephanie Burkhart in Gail's Office, author of "The Hungarian."

Shawna Williams:
My wish is to see DBP continue to expand and receive more recognition for the talent here. I'm very grateful for this wonderful group of people.

Stephanie Burkhart:
Congrats on one year in the publishing business, Desert Breeze! I love being a part of such a wonderful, author friendly business. Continued success!


  1. I'm fairly new to the Desert Breeze stable of writers but have been made to feel very much at home.

    Thank you ladies and gentlemen for you friendship and encouragement and Happy Birthday Desert Breeze.


  2. Happy Birthday to Desert Breeze and our wonderul editor/publisher Gail Delaney.

    You all have been wonderful and I am so thankful to get to be part of the family


  3. So exciting - Happy Birthday to Desert Breeze - a great publishing company!

    I love the pictures, Gail and Steph!

  4. Thanks everyone for the warm wishes and for being with Desert Breeze.

    Moderator Steph