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Author Spotlight Week - The Power of Love, a character interview with Theresa von Kracken

Actress Jennifer Ferrin, inspiration for the character "Theresa"

A Character interview with Theresa von Kracken Sigmaringen

Gael: Hi all, I'm Gael, the owner of MUSEum, a bar where many a muse come to relax. I'm here today with Princess Theresa Sigmaringen from "The Wolf's Torment." Welcome, Theresa. Would you like a drink?

Theresa: Thank you for having me, Gael. It's nice to step out for the day. Do you have any tea? I find that wine or tuica upset my stomach.

Gael: Tuica?

Theresa: Romanian plum brandy.

Gael. Ah, well, I'm sorry to hear it.

Theresa: I'm expecting, you see.

Gael: Congratulations! But weren't recently married?

Theresa: Um, yes.

Gael: You naughty girl, you!

Theresa: An engaged couple in my religion is allowed all the rights of a married couple and Mihai and I…well, we enjoyed a night.

Gael: What religion are you?

Theresa: Romanian Orthodox. I converted so I could marry Mihai.

Gael: Mihai must be something special if you were willing to convert.

Theresa: He is. He's very kind and sweet, but he works long hours.

Gael: Is he good looking?

Theresa. Lord, yes. I only have eyes for him. What really makes him special though is that he's a witch.

Gael: A witch? Really? He told you that?

Theresa: Yes, he did. There's an energy about him that makes my body come alive. He's so passionate about the things he believes in.

Gael: Was converting to Orthodoxy a big change for you?

Theresa: No. I was raised Protestant, but I find the Orthodox faith very spiritual. There's a lot of symbolism involved.

Gael: So what's an Orthodox wedding like?

Theresa: It's very involved. Once the bride enters the church, she meets her bridegroom in the vestibule. The priest blesses the rings and the best man exchanges them rings between the couple. Then we enter the church. We're given a candle by the Priest representing the light of Christ and we have to hold it throughout the mass. After the mass, we crown each other and walked around the altar 3 times. Then the priest pronounces us husband and wife.

Orthodox Wedding Crowns

Gael: Gosh, I would have fainted!

Theresa: I almost fainted when Mihai kissed me.

Gael: Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Theresa: To Varna, in Bulgaria. It's a spa town. I enjoyed it very much.

Gael: Sounds like fun. I enjoy a nice, relaxing spa day myself. How do you keep busy when Mihai is working on the railroad project?

Theresa: Aside from painting, I like to visit the children at the orphanage. I've given it my patronage so the children there have it a little easier. It's so rewarding to visit them. They're so giving and honest. It's refreshing to me to spend time with them.

Gael: Does it bother you that your husband is a witch?

Theresa: Not in the least. It's a part of him. I accept him for what he is, but I frustrated at times. He's very busy with the railroad project. I must have more patience.

Gael: It sounds like you're very patient to me.

Theresa; Well, thank you.

Gael: Thanks for visiting today.

Theresa: You're welcome. If you're ever in Romania, try the tuica.

Gael: I will.

BLURB: Mihai Sigmaringen has a secret – he's a witch. Will love give him the courage to save his family from a destructive werewolf?


From The Pen & Muse:
A complete werewolf story through and through, Burkhart does it again with an amazing cast of characters, entertaining dialogue and plot. Lovers of historical paranormal romance will enjoy this read, the first in the Moldavian Moon series.


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