Thursday, 26 May 2011

Author Spotlight Week - Question of the Day with JoAnn Carter

What's coming up next for JoAnn Carter & why this is writing as a YA novella?

It's great to be back on the DBP blog again today. I hope you're enjoying this week as much as I am. (Don't forget to sign up for the contest! See Monday's post)

Many folks have asked me what's coming up next. Well, the big thing is... a Mission trip to Mexico!
Yes, you read that right. This summer, our family is headed to serve in Mexico.

Writing wise, in the middle of our time away, The Floating Palace ~ A Historical Inspirational Romance will be released. (July 15, 2011) You can check out the premise here~

Then in December, Hidden Paths another Young Adult Inspirational Romance. What a great way to finish 2011, huh?

God has been so faithful.

Another question you may be wondering is why is this listed as a Young Adult Novella. Lilly is 21 years old -- older than the typical main character in a YA story.

It is because people of any age often wrestle with that Lilly struggles with. We fall into the trap of believing we need to earn God's favor, and as I mentioned earlier this week, that couldn't be further from the truth. I want to encourage young, old, and in between to really think about what motivates us.

Another big issue in her life is past regrets. Even young women can become lost and caught up in mistakes she has made. Sometimes even wishing she could live someone else's life. Therefore, I dedicated the book as follows

To every young woman who ever questioned why she was made the way she was and wished she could be someone different... Please know you are beautiful the way you are!

Okay, so here is you Question of the day: If you were going to write a story (or perhaps you have) what age group and genre is your favorite?


  1. Looks like BLOGGER is giving us a run for our money again today. :) Let me see if I can post this for Teresa...

    First of all JoAnn,
    I want to say you've been a blessing to me these past few days. I've been following you on the author groups and you have a strong faith. I feel God put you here for me.
    If I was going to write a book it would be for woman my age. I'm 48 and have never been fortunate enough to ever find a man to marry. So I would have to write a contempary romance with a little edge to it, to make it more believable. The heroine would have her HEA but not without a lot of trials.
    It would be close to my own life I believe.

    Teresa K.

  2. Teresa,

    Thanks so much for stopping by again today. Your words touched my heart.

    Finding a man to marry can be a wonderful blessing. However, I believe even more important than that is, obedience to the path God has for each one of us. I know some days may feel a bit lonely. (Even married, those days come.) Thankfully, Christ is sufficient. :)

    I noticed you mentioned author's groups. Are you writing now?

  3. I should mention, I sent Steph this post last week-- before certain things happened. The mission organization we are/were going with to Mexico is based out of Joplin, Mo.

    I'm not sure if God is redirecting our steps or not. We're still kind of waiting to contact our team leader. (I'm sure they are overwhelmed with "life" right now.) Who knows, perhaps we'll be ministering in MO rather than Mexico...

  4. JoAnn,
    Great question. I like to write paranormal which includes time traveling and a side genre is steampunk. My steampunk is coming out in July and I'm very excited about that.

    I am open to writing for all ages. I have a children's book out geared for 3-7 years old. I also have a young adult story called "The First Flag of NH" coming out with 4RV in which the lead characters are in high school.

    Destination: Berlin and Across The Fickle Winds of history appeals to those 18+ and older and both are sweet to sensual.

    My paranormal stories are geared for 20+, but if you enjoy Rowling's supernatural Harry Potter world, I think you'll enjoy the Budapest Moon series.

    I enjoy writing contemporary and romantic suspense. I'm willing to try just about anything. My inspirational short, "A Polish Heart" will appeal to young adult and plus.

    Again, I'm open and flexable. I would like the stories to have romantic appeal and I think I succeed there. There is nothing powerful than love. It brings out the best in us. No matter what we are - werewolf included.


  5. Wow, Steph... you really like to write across the genres. I think that's awesome!

    Is your July release here through DBP?

  6. Great post, JoAnn! Loved Teresa's comment to you...what an encouragement and a confirmation of your calling!

    My heroines tend to be women in their mid-20s to early 30s, but the stories are appropriate and of interest to anywhere from 18 up. I've also heard from 13-year-old girls who love my books (and they're certainly "clean" enough for that to be okay).

    I do have a children's book, but I haven't tried writing for the YA market in a long time - since my own kids were YAs. :) I admire those who do, because it holds a special challenge, as far as staying current in trends and lingo. I'm admittedly out of the loop in that area.

  7. Delia,

    It's great to see you here! I love to read clean fiction and you are right... I would be very comfortable offering any of your stories to the teens I know.