Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Author Spotlight week -Sue Perkins share her passion for writing early 20th Century Romance

I like reading romance and fantasy books so it’s only natural to me to write what I enjoy. Blitz is a 20th Century historical romance. Not really a suspense, more a tale of love during wartime. Set in England it reflects some of the hardship and strain put on relationships when the men were away fighting and the women were trying their best to “keep the home fires burning”.
I love writing about things I know. My knowledge for this book comes from my parents vague talk of the war. To be quite honest I found out more about my father’s wartime endeavors when he met my future father-in-law. They talked about the war and my father spoke about being at Dunkirk. I was twenty-one at the time and had no idea my father had been anywhere near Dunkirk during the evacuation.

My other contemporary romance books with Desert Breeze (Three Hearts and Broken Heart) are set in New Zealand. I have lived here for twenty-five years and love the country. The books are set in Timaru in the South Island. I used to live there and it seemed natural to set the story in a place I knew.

Fantasy on the other hand leaves me free to soar the heights. I can invent a world, a people, animals and anything else I desire to populate my new world. The stories for the fantasy books come to me as I write, no I don’t plot. I get the idea, write the first page and then let it stew for sometimes up to several months before I attack it again. Seems to work for me.

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