Thursday, 5 May 2011

Author Spotlight week -Sue Perkins share her favorite authors

Author J Morgan

There are so many authors I love to read it’s difficult to choose only one. I think Terry Pratchett or Anne McCaffrey would tie for first place. The humor in Mr Pratchett’s books enhance the words and depth of the story. He has an uncanny knack of twisting words so they not only tell the tale but also make the reader laugh. Ms McCaffrey’s Dragons of Pern series have been on my bookshelves for many years. I also have her less well known books of Petaybee and The Ship Who Sang books. However there are several up and coming authors whose books have caught my interest. Some of them I’ve read, others I have on my new Sony reader to dive into when I have time.

One of these is J. Morgan. I love the quirky way he brings humor to his vampire series. It’s very cleverly done. Wish I could introduce humor like that. He makes it look so easy. Naomi Novik is another reasonably new comer to fantasy. I’ve read all but the last of her Temeraire series and found them fascinating.

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