Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Author Spotlight - Dear Santa by Barbara Scott

Dear Santa,

It's been years since I wrote you. Maybe you won't remember me. Maybe you put aside the memories of adults who have passed beyond your purview. I get it. I did the same with student names and faces in June to allow space for the new ones in September. If I can refresh your memory, I was the one who wanted a Shirley Temple doll for my fifth Christmas, and I promised never to comb out her curls. I should remind you I kept that promise. It was my sister who turned her Shirley's hair into a frizzy mess.

Speaking of my sister, why is it you always gave her the pink stuff and me the green, yellow or blue? If we had to have matching everything, even though we weren't twins, just once, I would have liked the pink.

But all that is in the past, Santa, snow under the ice bridge so to speak. I know it's early, but the stores are bright with Christmas already. K-Mart and Sears are talking layaway. You may have to use it for this gift if it exists at the North Pole. The item I want is a bit pricey. It has no place in my budget. Santa, you're my only hope.

Please being me an iPad2 for Christmas. I know I don't need it. Who does, really? The iPad2 is the ultimate want. And I want it. E-readers are cheaper, easier to read with longer battery life, much more practical for reading e-books. Anyway, I already have an i-Phone and a laptop to serve that function as well as several others. I don't need a newgadget to hide my growing TBR pile. Already, I have a mountain in both places and shelves full of physical TBR material.

So no, I don't need it. But Santa, aren't you the Wizard of Wants? If anybody could bring me that iPad2, you could. With its cameras and internet power, think of the Facebook status updates I could post. You can't do that with an e-reader. With its big, bright screen and aps, think of the angry birds I could launch and the words I could have with friends. Don't forget, the iPad2 has word processing abilities I could use to keep up with my writing. Best of all, I could do all of this, plus read e-books anywhere. Why should I have to be at home to be bombarded with distractions?

Don't worry, if the economy won't allow you to grant me this wish, I'll understand. Maybe by next Christmas, there will be an iPad3 to want.

Love, Barbara

**Moderator's Note: Barbara's latest release is Talk of the Town, released 15 OCT.

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