Thursday, 13 October 2011

Author Spotlight - Deborah Kinnard dares to fly

Lately we’ve heard about authors in the general fiction market and some genre markets turning down large advances in order to take their stories direct to the readers. Yes, that’s right – the bad child of the industry, self-publishing, is growing up. Barry Eisler turned down a six-figure advance to self-publish. Joe Konrath has been trumpeting the advantages of direct-to-reader publishing for years now.

It’s easier now to self-publish, and from some blogs lately I’ve sensed that it’s both more lucrative for the writer and more risky. Read Kiana Davenport’s blog to see her take on the risks.

So has the Christian romance market embraced this brave new world? Not so much. We’ve been led to believe for a long while that the publishers are the gatekeepers, the patrones who watch over us all and make sure we don’t get our hands on bad fiction. For that matter, even edgy fiction…

Do I have answers for a writers who want to dip a toe into this edgy new market? No. I’m happy with my publishers, though frustrated at times that the market doesn’t provide much of what I like best to read. I salute those authors who have sufficient following to try this approach. What the markets will look like five years from now, or even two, I’d need a crystal ball to say.

Whatever shape it takes – more out of the box fiction, please!


  1. What? Someone actually turned down a 6-figure deal so they could self-publish? Send the publisher MY way! LOL! Nice post, Deb.

  2. I've seen both success and disaster with friends. The ones who have made a concerted effort to build a network with people who will support, interview and share their work fare better.

    I have heard others say if you write it they will come. I don't believe this philosophy one bit. A clever title with a great cover only gets you so far.

    Like anything important, do your homework. Study others to see what works. Make an informed decision.