Thursday, 27 October 2011

Author Spotlight - Michelle Levigne talks about her upcoming release, Blue Fire

Our heroine, Nureen Keala, is a Rover pilot and grew up with Rhianni Day (heroine of "Blue Fire"). When the story starts, she's peeved because Rhianni is in trouble on Mallachrom and Nureen is assigned to patrol seemingly dead space on the far side of the galaxy and can't be there to support her.

Pretty soon, though, Nureen has far too much to deal with to grumble. First she's out in a small scout craft and gets a distress call, then she tries to rescue an alien ship being chased by Talroqi, and then all three craft are pulled into a space anomaly that could crush them all to the thickness of a molecule. As if that weren't bad enough, the alien she rescued turns out to be a shapeshifter named Tessur and he can reach into her mind. Not a fun day.

When Nureen and Tessur get spat out on the other side of the anomaly, they're in another universe and dimension altogether, and find themselves facing this humongous, decrepit space station: The Borealis, run by the TPP (Trans Planetary Protectorate). (Think Babylon 5, set in the evil empire of the "Mirror, Mirror" episode of Star Trek. Clear enough in your head?) With Tessur there to translate for her, Nureen might just survive -- until she runs up against a man who claims to be Commodore Tedrin Creed from HER universe.

Problem: Tedrin Creed is dead, killed 50 years before in a huge battle with the Talroqi. Nureeen isn't about to trust anyone who has to be lying, even though he looks like her adolescent crush/fantasy, but he's her only chance to get her scout craft repaired and through the anomaly before it closes again.

On his part, Creed has been waiting 5 years for the anomaly to open so he can go home. He's sure he can handle Nureen -- until he finds out she's the granddaughter of his best friend, "Killer" Keala. But time is running out and they have to get off the Borealis before the TPP realizes he's been lying to them for the past 5 years and gets ... nasty.

They can worry about what her grandfather will think and whether it's against regulations to fall in love and how many years of back pay is waiting for Creed when they get home again. IF they can get home.

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