Thursday, 6 October 2011

Author Spotlight - Melanie Atkins talks about The Big Easy

New Orleans, Louisiana. The Crescent City. The Big Easy. No matter the moniker used to describe it, the city is sprawling, busy, and often chaotic. The French Quarter adds a bit of mystery, too, making it like no other city. More sexy and sultry, since it's right on the river, and simmering with a boiling heat all its own. The heat of humanity.

Most of my stories set in New Orleans take place in this quaint area filled with wrought iron balconies, picturesque structures made of old brick, and rowdy tourists. A murder in an apartment above a Voodoo shop doesn't seem too far-fetched in this part of the city teaming with so many nationalities, personalities, and odd folks.

VOODOO BONES, my October Novella out at Desert Breeze, is not for the squeamish. In this story, Noel Galliano has always wanted her own business, and despite critics who believe she won’t succeed, opens a tiny French Quarter voodoo shop. What she doesn’t count on is finding a dismembered corpse upstairs. Detective Mathieu Bergeron is considered a screw up around the district station, until he puts away the Bayou Ripper. Then another body is found mutilated, and both his arrest and competence are thrown into question. Matt and Noel must work together to solve this terrifying crime in the Big Easy...and along the way, they fall in love.

I got my idea from this story from a news article online… a true story about a dismembered corpse found above a Voodoo shop. My eyes widened as I read about it, and a story was born. I had my premise. Next, I developed my main characters and then just started to write. The plot progressed from there. What a fun story to write!

Look for an excerpt from VOODOO BONES on this blog tomorrow (Friday).
Hope you'll check the book out here:

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