Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Author Spotlight - Character Interview with Rebekah from When Shadows Fall

Tina-- Rebekah, do you mind if we talk about When Shadows Fall?

Rebekah -- Oh it's you… my creator. Perhaps you should tell the story.

Tina-- It would be better coming from you.

Rebekah -- I'll have to hurry. The steward is taking me to my godfather, President Lincoln.

Tina -- It must be wonderful meeting with him?

Rebekah -- It will be lovely. But… We are in the midst of a Civil War and I've come to ask for his help to get my husband, Robert Montgomery, out of a Yankee Prison.

Tina -- I'm sorry.

Rebekah -- "Why are you sorry? You wrote it that way.

Tina-- Oh yeah.

Rebekah -- It's dreadfully hot in here? And someone dressed me in wool.

Tina-- I'm sorry about that too. But we writers have to give our characters conflict.

Rebekah -- My concern is how much conflict. Will things work out?"

Tina -- I believe so. You're strong and smart.

Rebekah -- Will Abraham help me with Robert?

Tina -- I believe… Hey, I'm the one asking the questions.

Rebekah -- I'm sorry. I just wished I could be on my way. There's a man staring at me.

Tina -- A man is staring at you?

Rebekah -- yes, he acts like he's not but…

Tina --- maybe you should tell the steward.

Rebekah -- (stealing glances) He's looking at me in an odd manner. Almost as if he knows me… Oh my… I… It can't be.

TP-- What?

Rebekah -- (Fighting to get her hat on) Him?

Tina -- Him?

Rebekah -- Oh… I don't know. And the steward has led me into the hall and now I can't see to make sure. It sure looked like him. You know, can't you tell me?

Tina (with a woeful sigh)-- I can't. We writers aren't supposed to inject ourselves into the story with omniscient comments. Who do you think it is?

Rebekah (sighing) Someone I thought I'd never see again. Matthew. My first love.

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  1. You created a gutsy, gritty, sometimes stubborn but very lovable, believable and interesting character in Rebekah. Enjoyed your book very much! This interview was fun as well.

  2. Thank you, Lynn,

    I'm honored you read the book and came to visit.


  3. I don't know, Tina, If my characters argued with me like that I'd wonder if I need an increase in medication. :)

  4. Barbara,


    I try to keep them in line, but... If I took more they'd be worse.