Thursday, 10 May 2012

Finishing the series gives a writer the blues - by Vijaya Schartz

It’s only been a month since Noah’s Ark was published, and while I have temporarily turned to a different series for another publisher, I’m still grieving. Leaving a world I’ve been living in for several years is always a sad thing. So sad that I’m already thinking about returning to the world of Kassouk. It’s going to be a while, but when my current project is over, I’ll probably add another book to the Chronicles of Kassouk. Whether it’s the story of Humans finally finding the planet where the original settlers crashed, or something that happened between the prequel and Book One, I still don’t know. But deep in the recesses of my brain, somewhere out of my reach, a new story of Kassouk is brewing.

I miss the swords and blasters, and the courageous humans fighting for their freedom from bondage against impossible odds. I miss the snow. Would you believe it? I don’t even like the cold. That’s why I live in Arizona.

When I first started writing White Tiger, it was destined to be a short story, a novella at best. It was also a challenge to overcome my distaste for the cold. What better than a frozen planet? Little did I know that this short story would end up taking me on such a wondrous journey. With five complete novels, this series is becoming some kind of entity with a life of its own. Kassouk might someday find its way into the encyclopedias... or at least Wikipedia. Why not?

I’ve always loved to get lost in a world created from a writer’s imagination. Long ago, when I was still in France (where I was born and raised) I used to read the DUNE series by Frank Herbert. It was a fascinating world of dunes, a sea of sand. Little did I know I would someday create a world of my own, and sustain it through the course of many novels.

A writer is allowed to dream. What’s next for this white, snowy world? A Kassouk TV series? A blockbuster movie? Don’t be afraid to dream. In this world of instant media, anything can happen in the blink of an eye. Pardon the cliché.

In the meantime, I invite you all to read the complete CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK, in eBooks from the Prequel down to the four next books. And if you only read print, WHITE TIGER (book one) was just released in paperback, for a very friendly price...

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