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Author Spotlight - Excerpt from "Janus" by Gail Delaney

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Briggs was hot on Montgomery's heels, which seemed to be her preferred position, and President Tanner beat them to the door, opening it for them. As soon as they were alone, Jenifer took the single stride needed to bring her into John's space. He straightened slightly, but didn't move to back away from her intrusion. With him leaning on the counter, they were nearly eye level. He inhaled, his jaw working. She just stared, her hands planted at her waist, then arched a single eyebrow.

He actually chuckled and looked down, a humorless grin tipping his lips. "I'm no' hidin' anythin', Jenifer. Yeah, we looked at everythin' Nick mentioned when decidin' where I'd go, but I told him I didn't want to go to Chicago. The other cities ruled themselves out for various reasons."

"Why not Chicago?"

He raised his chin again, but his eyes didn't meet hers. He focused downward, staring at maybe her chin to avoid her eyes. "Silas was supposed to go with me."

She almost asked, "What's that got to do with anything?" but her brain engaged before her mouth and she stopped. Drawing a slow breath, Jenifer nodded. "You didn't want to take him back to where his mother died."

"He still remembers." He did look straight at her then. "He was five years old. He remembers the bombin's, and runnin' with his mother and me to find safety." John paused, his jaw working as he ground his teeth. "He remembers his mother dyin'."

Jenifer forced her shoulders to relax and looked past him, finding a chipped spot of paint on the wall to stare at. Some of her anger drained away, unable to maintain it once she understood the reason for his decision. She'd once pegged John to be just like every other politician she ever had the misfortune of dealing with -- egotistical and fake -- but the more she shared space with him, the more she learned of him as a man, the less she believed he was the typical politician. Creating a new problem for Jenifer. It was easier to protect someone she didn't like, because every choice and action was based on reaching a final outcome -- keeping him alive, whether she thought he deserved to be, or not. The fact she actually liked John Smith had the potential of clouding her judgment, and changing her perspective. Caring didn't equate with getting the job done.

If she was smart, she'd walk away now and leave him to his own devices or to the care of Connor Montgomery and his Firebirds.

If she was smart.


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  1. Always enjoy what you have to say. Another gripping excerpt! Thanks.

  2. Thank you very much. I loved this whole scene -- this is just part. It really shows their connection (beyond the eventual romance).