Thursday, 3 May 2012

Author Spotlight - Do you believe in soulmates?

My heroine, Anne, is a diehard romantic. She believes in soul mates, a man created especially for her. But how do you recognize "The One?"

I'm a big romantic. I've always been this way. I read poetry. I believe in miracles. I believe my husband was made for me, and I have a few reasons, looking back over our lives before we met. I believe he's "The One" meant for me, so that means that I could never be happier with another man. Rationally, I think that my attitude makes our marriage that much more blissful. There is no Plan B here. He's IT, and I never wonder if the grass might be greener, because to me that 's impossible.

What about you? Do you believe in soul mates, or do you think that the relationships in our lives are what we make of them? I'd love to hear your take on it!


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  1. When I tell people about how my parents met, and the 'odd circumstances' of their union, I usually end with "And you wonder why I write romance?"

    I do think there is someone perfect for each of us. Someone who balances us, finishes us. Unfortunately, some have to go through a lot of duds before they get there. :-) I was lucky, I guess. Met my husband when I was 19, married him when I was 20. That was... *clearing throat*... a lot of years ago. Let's just leave it at that.

    Perfect for you doesn't always mean perfect all the time. I think people forget that part of it.

  2. Patty, yes, I believe in soulmates. For me, we're suppose to take the journey of life together. share, learn, laugh, and love. I've actually done a lot of "new age" reading on the topic and what I've read really resonates with me. My own husband and I grew up in different parts of the US - him in California and me in New Hamphsire. We both joined the Army and we were both stationed in Bad Hersfeld in 1990. We both got sent to the same leadership school where we met. And - coincidently - he had been coming to the MP every Wednesday to dispatch the Colonel's vehicle and missed me by 30 feet every time. Given our differences, our growing up experiences led us to be able to empathize understand each other at that time in our lives.

    My husband and I were destined to find each other because we are soulmates. A great book to read about soulmates is "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton. Brent and I aren't perfect, there are ups and downs, but we are on the journey together.


  3. For me it was - he was standing under a big apple tree at an Air Force picnic and the moment I saw him I knew he was the one I wanted. No doubt - I would have married him the day I met him. It's been 43 years and I've never doubted he was my soul mate. Yep, I am a romantic and believe in love at first sight. :)

  4. It looks like a consensus here so far. :) Big believers in soul mates. I was engaged very quickly, too, Paisely. He asked at 2 weeks if I'd marry him, and I said yes right away! We aren't perfect people, but we're perfect for each other.

  5. I guess I do too since I believe I'm with the man I was meant for. After almost 30 years of marriage, he still makes me laugh and understands me the most. I have no desire to be with anyone but him.