Thursday, 6 December 2012

Author Spotlight - Character Interview with Lila Tumson from Catch of the Day

Bentonville Daily Chronicle Sports Editor Jeffrey Waller interviews Lila Tumson, supporting cast from Catch of the Day

Waller: "Excuse me, are you Lila Tumson?"

Lila: "Why yes, I sure am. And who might you be?"

Waller: "I'm Jeffrey Waller of the Bentonville Daily Chronicle, and I'm doing a series this week on the Loon Lake Tournament."

Lila: "Oh wonderful!"

Waller: "I'm pleased to meet you, ma'am. I understand you handle the registration for the tournament."

Lila: "That's right. The registration and all sorts of things for my daddy, Mayor Billy Tumson. Daddy runs this tournament."

Waller: "I see. Anything exciting happen at the registration this year, Miss Tumson?"

Lila: "Oh please, call me Lila."

Waller: Did she just bat her eyelashes at me? "All right, Lila. Anything exciting you care to share?"

Lila: "Why all the anglers are excitin'. I get to meet every cutie patootie in the tournament right over there at my registration desk."

Waller: "Every…cutie patootie?"

Lila: "Well, not every single one. I just met you this every instant."

Waller: "Um…Miss Tumson…your finger's caught on my shirt pocket."

Lila: "Oh, so it is."

Waller: "I guess what I really wanted to ask about was your very first female angler, Cody Ryan."

Lila: "What do you want to know about her for?"

Waller: "Well, because she's special -- being the first female angler and all."

Lila: "There's nothing special about her."

Waller: "All the Loon women I've interviewed think Cody Ryan is special."

Lila: "Yeah, but the Loon men sure don't. They want a gal to be feminine and helpless like li'l ole me."

Waller: "Somehow I don't see you as helpless, Lila."

Lila: "You don't?"

Waller: "Um…that's my belt loop you've got your finger hooked in…"

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"4 Stars...CATCH OF THE DAY is Ms. McCarty’s second release and like the first one, EVERGLADES, presents the reader with likeable characters, a mini suspense, and an engaging storyline with an environmental edge. Great story and I am looking forward to more by this author." -- The Romance Readers Connection

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