Thursday, 13 December 2012

Author Spotlight - Why Write Romance by Sue Perkins

Why write romance? I believe there's a little bit of romance in all fiction books. It may not be the usual - man meets woman, feels an attraction then conflict intervenes but all comes right in the end - style of story, but the pull of love is always there.

A well known romance writer once told me romance is where there is a happy ending, but a love story does not necessarily have a happy ending - as in the 1970s film Love Story. Dissenters object that romance books are not true to life, most people's love life goes fairly smoothly once true love has been found. What they seem to overlook is the romance reader likes to be taken out of their normal life, no matter how exciting and enervating their life might be, and taken to a different location, a different lifestyle, a different - well you get the picture, something completely different. In fact this is so for all fiction readers, but I believe it's more exaggerated in a romance book.

Romance books tend to be looked down on but I challenge those who think romance is not "quite the thing" to sit down and try to write a romance novel. It's not as easy as they think.



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