Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Author Spotlight - Researching Recipe for Romance

"Recipe for Romance" is the second romance novel to be set in my home country of New Zealand. The first I placed in the South Island, but the location for this one is on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula in the Hibiscus Coast north of Auckland.

This book is an amalgamation of my time on the North Shore of Auckland and some memories of when I lived there. We wanted to live on a lifestyle block (smallholding) and searched the area for a property with two acres and a 3 bedroom home. Reeve's house rose from this search. My husband worked in hotels so I have visited hotel kitchens and spoken to hotel chefs. In fact my life was the research for the book.

I also had friends who worked in the catering industry so my research came to me rather than the other way round. This is only part of the work of writing a book. The main part is actually putting pen to paper - or the modern way of putting fingers to keyboard. Like all writers once I start I don't want to stop until the end of the book, but little hiccups occur now and again. I've found the best way keep moving is to jump to a part of the book where I know what's going to happen. By the time I've finished everything has smoothed itself out in my mind and I'm ready to fill in the gaps.

Sounds easy doesn't it? Not so. Once I collect all the ingredients (pardon the pun) I then have to spend time and effort to pull everything together and make it all work. Hopefully I've brought everything together to entice the reader to open the book and start reading. Then it's over to Kirsty and Reeve to keep them entertained.

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